Free 50 Core Documents Seminar for Educators and Students

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For Revere’s Riders, one of our chief organizational program areas is promoting responsible non-partisan civic involvement. Providing opportunities for civic education is one of our longstanding goals.

Benjamin Franklin is often misquoted as saying “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”.  Yet those words provide a powerful incentive to reach out to all Students for a firm grounding in the Core Documents that have shaped our Nation.

“Ashbrook is bringing collegiate seminars into high school classrooms and homeschool co-ops for free through our Classroom Webinar series.

Ideal for Advanced Placement U.S. History or U.S. Government and Politics courses, Ashbrook’s Classroom Webinars bring a college professor into your classroom to lead students in the discussion of one the 50 Core Documents That Tell America’s Story. Designed to be interactive, each webinar will bring students into a conversation with the professor and with one another. Advanced students will experience the collegiate seminar room while still in high school.

To participate, classrooms require a broadband internet connection and a computer with microphone, speakers, webcam, and a standard web browser.

The Ashbrook staff will coordinate with the classroom teacher to ensure the webinar is conducted within a regularly scheduled class period, and will walk the classroom teacher through the setup of necessary technology.

Apply today to host a webinar in your classroom. High school students — Interested in bringing a webinar to your school? Refer us to your American history or government teacher. There is no charge for these webinars.

We also offer this program to homeschool co-ops.