April is National Poetry Month: Michael B., Hingham, MA

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Poetry is about questioning, sometimes addressing the concerns of current society while reflecting on the moments that crafted our History. As a contemporary Teen Poet (2010) Mr. Hingham discusses an issue we all should address – what was the cost and are we truly living a version of the Vision? Or have we regressed to a pre-freedom situation? Would those who were present at the reading of the Declaration of Independence recognize in our lives what they sacrificed for?



American Revolution

By Michael B., Hingham, MA

“Over the hills and halls of Mount Vernon
I heard voices that cried,
“No taxation without representation!”
And the Tories who lied.

In the monuments and museums and houses
I saw people who dreamed 
In the battlefields of blood and of anger
I saw the British get creamed

I saw brave men who died
And children who cried
I heard calls for freedom to vote

I heard lofty appeals
And men with ideals
I read words that the wisest men wrote

Yet it baffles me now
To understand how
These men died for America and why

It’s a nation of thugs
And homewrecking drugs
And poor homeless children who cry

Our forefathers tried
But instead they died
If you look closely, I think you’ll find: 

A nation of crime
And a nation of death
Was not quite what they had in mind.”