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Rapid Fire Match: Rifle/Carbine/Pistol Shootout (Las Vegas, NV)

Oct 23, 2016 @ 12:00 pm1:30 pm EDT

Event Overview


  1. Revere’s Riders Membership (volunteer or sustaining member)
  2. Previously awarded Rifle Sharpshooter (or equivalent) award on Revere’s Riders rifle course of fire, or Graduate of Front Sight Practical Rifle or Pistol, or CMP/NRA competitive experience, or similar
  3. Event director approval

Estimated Ammunition Required: About 100 rounds of rifle/carbine ammunition and 50 rounds of pistol ammunition.

Match Overview

This event will be a rifle, carbine, and pistol match. Participants will:

  • Complete Safety Briefing
  • Shoot Pistol Course of Fire 3x (16 rounds per attempt)
  • Sighters at 50 yards to confirm zeroes if required
  • Shoot Carbine Course of Fire 3x (21 rounds per attempt)
  • Shoot Rifle Course of Fire 1x (25-40 rounds depending on variant — will likely execute mini-KD with reduced 25 round count)

We will have a very limited period of time for sighters—showing up with a rifle zeroed for 25, 36 or 50 yards is essential.

Safety briefing will begin at 1200 so please arrive a few minutes early with your gear.


There is minimal instruction or coaching available at this event.  This event is intended to give participants multiple attempts to challenge the Revere’s Riders skills tests in several disciplines.  We will move quickly through the courses of fire.

We have several upcoming clinics that are oriented at teaching the skills needed to be effective in the carbine, pistol, and rifle disciplines.


Shooters who meet Revere’s Riders qualification requirements will be awarded patches and certificates.  Top Shot will earn bragging rights!

Equipment Overview

Please review the “What to Bring” page for details on equipment requirements.  We will be out in the gravel part of the 100 yard bay.  We will not be dragging shooting mats all the way down the range.  Please dress appropriately to assume the kneeling and seated positions in gravel.

During the carbine course of fire, pistols must be secured in a vehicle or carried in an outside the waist band holster with retention.  Range Safety Officers will ensure any carried pistols are in condition four during the carbine portion of the course.

Other Notes

Your ticket below is an RSVP to express interest in attendance.  The event director will verify membership status and contact you after you sign up.  Due to the unique nature of this event event director approval is required to attend.  Regrettably, walk-in shooters who are not Revere’s Riders volunteers who arrive the day of the event cannot be accommodated.


Oct 23, 2016
12:00 pm—1:30 pm
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Clark County Shooting Park
11357 North Decatur Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89131 United States
Max Range:
100 yards
Centerfire Allowed:
36.3453 , -115.2146

Range Map

Clark County Shooting Park

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