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Carbine: America’s Rifle Challenge (Las Vegas, NV)

Oct 29, 2016 @ 7:45 am5:00 pm PDT

Carbine Overview

Prerequisites: Suggested — Basic Rifle.  You should be comfortable making hits within a 9″ circle out to 100 yards and familiar with the prone position.

Estimated Ammunition Required: About 250 rounds/day.

This course is conducted as an NRA America’s Rifle Challenge clinic.  Students will learn modern defensive shooting skills on the AR platform. Attendees will experience shooting in multiple firing positions at varying distances.  All firing in this course will be within 100 yards with a focus on the close quarters environment within 50 yards.

Students learn:

  • Rules for safe gun handling & range rules
  • Carbine parts and operation & ammunition
  • Shooting Fundamentals
    • Firing Stance:  Standing
    • Five steps to firing each shot
    • Zero rifles as required
  • Situational Awareness and Scanning
  • Rapid Magazine Changes (Tactical Reloads)
  • Short Range Marksmanship Techniques
    • Tailoring the five steps to firing each shot to the close quarters environment
    • Controlled Pairs
    • Recoil Management
  • Clearing Malfunctions
    • Emergency/Speed Reloads
    • Failure to Fire
    • Failure to Eject
    • Double Feed
  • Special Subjects (most one-day clinics will cover only a few of these — two day clinics will cover most or all)
    • Zeroing Carbines & Rifles
    • Carbine Trajectory and Zero Issues
    • Barricades
    • Movement
    • Kneeling Position
    • Prone Position
    • Use of the sling to support shooting stability
    • Natural Point of Aim
    • Firing from retention
    • Field Stripping & Cleaning the AR-15
  • Carbine Challenge Skills Test

The Spirit of 1776

Picking up where “The Midnight Ride” concludes, the Spirit of 1776 traces the first full year of the American war for independence. From the high point of the Evacuation of Boston to the lows of early winter of 1776, follow the Continental Army as they are forced to flee across New York and New Jersey. Learn about the nearly insurmountable challenges they faced and the hope, faith and daring that pulled Victory out of certain defeat.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to face down a huge amphibious armada invading New York City, shiver around a campfire reading about “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots,” or gamble it all on a desperate crossing of the Delaware River for “Liberty or Death” then you need to hear the Spirit of 1776.

This exciting tale will be woven throughout the day’s marksmanship events.

Additional Event Information

For this carbine event, bring a safe, functional carbine or rifle.

  • The default assumption is that students will bring an AR-15 style carbine.  If you bring a different type of carbine or rifle please coordinate with the event director.  We can probably accommodate learning on your preferred platform but want to ensure you will not be frustrated.
  • Ideal sights are GI-style iron aperture sights, a red dot optic (such as an AimPoint), a low-powered fixed optic of no more than 4X power (such as an ACOG), or a variable power optic of 1–4 or 1–6 power.
  • The carbine should have a two point sling.  A USGI sling is fine but you may prefer a sling with adjustable length such as the VTAC 2-Point adjustable sling.
  • Students should bring at least four magazines (six are preferred).  Students should be able to carry at least one magazine in a quick, accessible manner:  pants with an appropriate pocket on the support side, a magazine pouch, or a belt magazine carrier are fine.  Additional magazines should be able to be carried in pockets or pouches.  If you use duty gear (chest rig, load bearing belt, etc) for work or competition bring your normal gear.  Instructors may have some loaner gear for carrying magazines.

If you have not previously attended Basic Rifle or a similar course, that’s ok.  We can get you caught up at this event.  We will be holding a Basic Rifle event earlier in October, and attending at least the first day of that event will ease the learning curve.

NRA America’s Rifle Challenge Equipment & Safety Rules

Within the training nature of NRA-ARC, the use of most firearms and equipment are permitted. However, listed below are several items that have specific guidelines to insure that your NRA-ARC event runs smoothly and safely.  For more information refer to the NRA-ARC Guidebook.

  1. MANUALLY OPERATED MECHANICAL SAFETY—Any rifle used in an NRA-ARC event must have a properly functioning, manually operated mechanical safety. Each shooter must keep the safety set to “Safe”, unless aiming at a target after the command to shoot has been given.
  2. PROPERLY FUNCTIONING EQUIPMENT—Any rifle or related equipment that malfunctions in an unsafe manner, or that is otherwise deemed unsafe by range staff, shall be removed from the range.
  3. TRIGGER DEVICES AND AUTOMATIC FIRING MODES—No shooter will be permitted to fire in an automatic mode or use any device that would assist in the pulling of the trigger.
  4. SLING—Each shooter may use a sling that is affixed to the rifle with a secure attachment device or woven through a portion of the stock designed for that purpose. Any sling used must allow the shooter to keep the rifle pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  5. MAGAZINES AND AMMUNITION—Shooters are encouraged to carry all magazines and ammunition in a pouch, chest rig, pocket, or similar device on their person for each stage of firing.
  6. BARREL SUPPORT DEVICES—Bipods and monopods are permitted as long as they are properly functioning.
  7. KNEE AND ELBOW PADS—Competitors are encouraged to use knee and elbow pads to add comfort to the shooter for different positions and range conditions.
  8. CHANGING EQUIPMENT—No shooter may change rifle, barrel assembly, optical system, or sling after the first shot is fired, unless the NRA Chief Range Safety Officer or NRA Range Safety Officer has declared that the equipment is disabled.
  9. NATIONAL FIREARMS ACT of 1934 (NFA) REGISTERED FIREARMS—NFA firearms such as short-barreled rifles and suppressors are permitted as long as they comply with local, state and federal guidelines.

*** It is the responsibility of the shooter to ensure that all equipment and firearms they use comply with local, state and federal requirements.

Ticket Prices

Your ticket price includes all range fees for Clark County Shooting Park.  This event is slightly more expensive than typical Revere’s Riders events due to the fees charged by Clark County for use of this world-class facility.


Oct 29, 2016
7:45 am—5:00 pm
$50 – $110
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Clark County Shooting Park
11357 North Decatur Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89131 United States
+ Google Map
Max Range:
100 yards
Centerfire Allowed:
36.3453 , -115.2146

Range Map

Clark County Shooting Park

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