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Rifle & Pistol Match (Las Vegas, NV)

Jan 29, 2017 @ 12:00 pm2:00 pm EST

Join us at noon at the Clark County Shooting Park Education Center for an informal rifle match!  Based on the qualification used for the M1 Garand in WW2, this event will test your accuracy under time pressure in the standing, seated/kneeling, and prone positions.

At 1 PM we will have an informal pistol competition based on the WW2 M1911 qualification test that requires both rapid and slow fire.  Do you have what it takes to qualify on these classic events?

Individuals who qualify based on the historical “sharpshooter” standards will be awarded a patch.  Coaches will be on hand to help you fine tune your technique.  Remember, only Hits Count!

Event Information

This event is being run in partnership with the NV Firearms Coalition.

There is no match fee to participate, and you will not have to pay CCSP range fees.  All participants must be a member of the NV Firearms Coalition.  Pre-registration with NVFAC is suggested but you can sign-up the day of the event with NVFAC staff.

Donations are gratefully accepted and help us cover the cost of supplies for this event.

Match & Equipment Rules

Bring a safe firearm for the event.  Participants will be briefed on NRA/CMP safety procedures and required to follow these procedures.  We do not allow bipods or rests for rifle events to shoot for score; all firing must be from the unsupported position (or using a sling for support).

That’s it!  This is an informal match where you can test your skills and equipment against the historic standards set by generations of American sharpshooters.

We do have some suggestions for rifle and pistol equipment that works well.  Bring what you have and you’ll learn something about yourself and your firearm!

We suggest bringing at least 60 rounds of rifle ammunition and 50 rounds of pistol ammunition which allows a buffer for sighters/warm-up.

Rifle Course of Fire Details

This challenge is inspired by the classic service rifle format which has been in use since at least WW1 by the CMP and NRA.  Variations were fired with the M1 Garand during WW2.  Today, civilian and military shooters still compete in NRA High Power and CMP Service Rifle.

Rifle firing will be at 25 yards on scaled targets.  Targets represent a 21″ circle placed at various distances.

  • Warmup & Sighters: 5-10 Minute Sighter Period to Confirm Zeros.
  • Stage One — Timed Fire Standing (simulated 100 yards):  Fire 10 rounds in two minutes from the standing position.
  • Stage Two– Rapid Fire Kneeling or Sitting (simulated 200 yards):  Fire 10 rounds from two magazines in 60 seconds.  Competitors will start standing, transition to the kneeling position, load their rifles, and fire two shots.  Reload and fire eight more shots.
  • Stage Three — Rapid Fire Prone (simulated 300 yards):  Fire 10 rounds from two magazines in 70 seconds.  Competitors will start standing, transition to the kneeling position, load their rifles, and fire two shots.  Reload and fire eight more shots.
  • Stage Four — Slow Fire Prone (simulated 400 yards):  Fire 10 rounds in 5 minutes.

Revere’s Riders Sustaining Members can download practice targets.

Pistol Course of Fire Details

This challenge is inspired by FM 23-25 dated April 30, 1940 for the 45 ACP 1911 pistol.  It was originally fired at moving “E” silhouettes as well as large “L” bullseyes.  There was even a variant for qualification mounted on horseback which sounds like a lot of fun, but our version is based on the dismounted version.

All pistol firing will be at 7 yards on scaled targets.  Targets represent a 10.5″ circle placed at various distances.  Order of stages may be varied.  All firing is from the low ready.  No draw from the holster is required.

  • Warmup & Sighters: 5-10 Minute Warmup
  • Stage One—Rapid Fire Standing (simulated 25 yards):  Fire 5 rounds in 15 seconds from the ready.
  • Stage Two—Rapid Fire Standing (simulated 15 yards):  Fire 5 rounds in 11 seconds from the ready.
  • Stage Three—Quick Fire Standing (simulated 10 yards):  Fire 2 rounds in 5 seconds from the ready.  Repeat three times for a total of six rounds.
  • Stage Four—Slow Fire Standing (simulated 25 yards):  Fire 4 rounds in 4 minutes from the ready.

Revere’s Riders Sustaining Members can download practice targets.


Jan 29, 2017
12:00 pm—2:00 pm
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Clark County Shooting Park
11357 North Decatur Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89131 United States
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Max Range:
100 yards
Centerfire Allowed:
36.3453 , -115.2146

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Clark County Shooting Park

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