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US Army Pistol Qualification Range – One Day (Camp Atterbury, IN)

Jun 10, 2017 @ 9:00 am3:30 pm EDT

This is an event conducted by Outdoor Mentors Indiana. Revere’s Riders will provide your ticket information to Outdoor Mentors to facilitate your attendance at the event. If you wish, you may inspect the Outdoor Mentors Privacy Policy specifying how your private information will be handled.

Event Overview

Prerequisites: familiarity with range safety rules and ability to shoot safely (a previous Revere’s Riders Pisol 100 course or similar training from another organization is sufficient).

Pistol and Ammunition Required: A safe handgun (centerfire or rimfire) and at least 500 rounds of ammunition in the correct caliber for your handgun (bring more ammunition if you have it; the last thing you want is to run out before the day is over).

Minimal Instruction: This will not be an instructional event but rather a special opportunity to shoot on the same range used by Navy Seals, Special Forces, Army Rangers, etc. The range consists of electronically controlled pop-up targets that can be programmed to raise/lower in a myriad of sequences and with varying degrees of difficulty for the shooter. This range is normally not accessible to the general public; this is a very unique opportunity to experience the same training environment as some of our nation’s most elite soldiers.

As such, you should be comfortable with your handgun in order to attend this event; this will be an opportunity to apply skills that you have learned in previous Revere’s Riders or other handgun training courses. Shooting will be from a fixed position (i.e., no movement while on the firing line). Drawing from a holster will be allowed but you should obviously be proficient and comfortable with doing so; drawing from a holster will not be a required part of this event (i.e., you may complete each course of fire starting from the “low ready” position). Since there will be no formal instruction, time on the firing line will be maximized.

Important Additional Event Information

Pre-registration is Required

All students must purchase tickets by the DEADLINE of 5:00 PM EDT on June 5th.  Absolutely no registrations will be allowed after this deadline.

The unique venue for this event requires that additional information be provided for each participant (collected when you purchase your ticket). This information is a requirement of Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center (CAJMTC) and your information will be shared with Military Police and the Range Control office. Your information will not be used in any manner other than to allow your admittance to the installation and to contact you regarding this event. Pre-registration is required so that we can forward your information to CAJMTC in time for the event.

You are also responsible for reading the below additional range information specific to Camp Atterbury. Please keep in mind that we are using a military facility and military rules and discipline are in force. Camp Atterbury is an active military installation, as such we may have our scheduled access removed as late as the day before the event. If that happens (it has not in the past) we will contact all participants to reschedule for a later date or issue a refund.

Refund Policy

Refunds will only be issued for this event due to weather or cancellation of the event by military authorities. Absolutely no refunds will be given for any other reason.


A pulled pork lunch along with smoked baked beans will be provided. If you prefer, you can bring your own sack lunch (don’t plan to leave CAJMTC for lunch as there will not be sufficient time).

Additional Range Information

There are some things about shooting at Camp Atterbury that you should be aware of, please read the following carefully:

  1. Start time—please be punctual and arrive no later than 9:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time; slightly earlier is better so we can get everyone checked-in and get started on time. Please be aware of the time difference if you are coming from the Central time zone; 9:30 AM EDT is 8:30 AM CDT.
  2. CAJMTC firearms policy—NO FIREARMS are permitted beyond the handgun(s) you declare when you purchase your ticket to be used on the range for this event. This means concealed carry is NOT allowed. If you or your vehicle are searched, your handgun(s) submitted at the time of ticket purchase is all that will be allowed on base. If any additional non-declared sidearms or non-declared long arms are discovered, you will be turned away if not detained by Military Police and your event fees will not be refunded.
  3. Ammunition—at least 500 (preferably closer to 900-1000) rounds of ammunition in the correct caliber for your handgun.
  4. The elements/weather—the range we will be using does not have sheltered shooting positions (there is adjacent shelter, but shooting is not allowed from under shelter). If it’s sunny, you will be out in the sun (bring sunscreen!). If raining, you’ll be out in the rain (bring appropriate rain gear!). Bring clothing that’s appropriate for you and the forecasted weather. Layers are best so that you can adjust to the changing temps. This event will not be canceled due to the weather (exception with extreme weather only; i.e. tornado, severe storm/lightning). Do not bring portable shelter.
  5. Equipment—at least two magazines (more would be great), a way to take notes, hat with brim as well as ear and eye protection. Please note that ear and eye protection are required (you will not be allowed to shoot without it).
  6. Hydration—bottled water and ice will be provided. If you prefer something else, bring that with you.
  7. Food—lunch will be provided (see above) but you are free to bring your own if that is your preference.
  8. Directions from the gate to the range control building—essentially, you continue through the cantonment area on the road you came in on. You will come to a stop sign across from the fire department. Range control is on your left.

If you have any questions concerning the event, please contact Brett Thompson (gro.s1521461611rotne1521461611medis1521461611tuo@t1521461611terb1521461611 or (317) 427-4287).


Jun 10, 2017
9:00 am—3:30 pm
Free - $250
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Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center
County Rd 800 S
Edinburg, IN 46131 United States
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Max Range:
500 yards
Centerfire Allowed:
39.36029 , -86.029856

Range Map

Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center

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