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Marksman Match: CMP Service Rifle & NRA AR Challenge (Las Vegas, NV)

May 21, 2017 @ 8:00 am11:45 am PDT

Marksman Match Overview

Prerequisites: None.  There will be no formal instruction at this event but certified instructors will be on hand to assist with zeroing, sighters, etc during the warmup period.

Eligibility:  Open to all eligible participants. You need not be a member of the NRA or a CMP affiliated club to participate.  Participants will have to sign a liability waiver.  No more than 12 entries are permitted for this event.

Estimated Ammunition Required: 100 rounds — 15 rounds (warmup), 50 rounds (CMP Service Rifle), 25 rounds (NRA AR Challenge), 10+ sighters (more if desired).

Rifle Match Overview

This event includes a CMP Service Rifle and NRA AR Challenge event.  This is the course of fire:

  • Sighters (0800-0845): The range will be open from 0800-0845 for sighters and individual warmup.
  • Check-in, Safety, and Course of Fire Brief (0845): Please arrive on time so we can start the match on time.
  • Service Rifle (0900): We will fire the Short Range National Match course of fire at a distance of 100 yards.  This course of fire includes both rapid and slow fire in the standing, kneeling/sitting, and prone positions.  Please refer to the CMP rulebook Table 7 for a review of the course of fire.
  • NRA AR Challenge (1030):  We will fire a NRA AR challenge Basic Match event.  This course of fire includes rapid fire from 7-100 yards in the standing, kneeling, and prone positions.  If you only intend to fire this match, arrive by 1015 to check-in and receive a safety brief.

Equipment Requirements

CMP Firearms:  NRA & CMP’s 2017 rules allow a wide variety of rifles to be used at these events.  For the CMP portion, firearms will be classified into one of the following classes IAW Chapter 6 of the CMP rules:

  • M16/AR-15 Service Rifle: Most AR-15s with an optic below 4.5x (or iron sights), a standard A2 grip, a trigger with pull weight greater than 4.5 lbs, and a standard charging handle now qualify in this category.  Slings must be mounted no more than 13 inches forward of the mag well.
  • Alternative Rifle: For our friends in California, CMP is allowing variant rifles chambered in 5.56 using optics <4.5x or iron sights.  Review rule 6.1.2 for details.
  • M14 Service Rifle or M1 Garand Service Rifle: IAW Rules 6.1.3 and 6.1.4.
  • Match Rifle: Nearly all rifles chambered between 5.56 and .308 are eligibile IAW rule 6.1.5.
  • Other Rifles: We will allow other rifles to be fired for practice, fun and bragging rights but scores with non-eligible rifles will not be reported to CMP.

NRA Firearms:  For the AR Challenge portion, nearly any semi-automatic magazine fed rifle with a sling will be suitable.  Classes exist for shooters using iron sights, any single optic, and multiple optics.

Multiple Rifles:  You may use two different rifles (one for each event), but you must use the same rifle for the entire event.  For example, you can use Rifle A for the entire CMP event, then switch to Rifle B for the NRA event.

Other Equipment:  Bring a shooting mat, blanket or carpet scrap if you have one.

Other Details

Rules: In accordance with the current edition of the CMP Service Rulebook and NRA AR Challenge Guidebook.  For the NRA AR Challenge, locally developed targets may be substituted for the AR-1.

Prizes:  Shooters reaching CMP Achievement Award scores or NRA AR Challenge thresholds will receive a patch or pin.  Additionally, shooters who score as a CMP “Sharpshooter” (85%) will receive a patch.  Score cutoffs are:

  • Service Rifle: 476+ (Gold), 465-475 (Silver), 454-464 (Bronze)
  • NRA AR Challenge: 20/20 + clear bonus challenge (Gold), 19/20 (Silver), 17/20 (Patch)

Service Rifle match scores will be reported to the CMP and competitors will be able to begin accruing credit towards the new CMP classification system.

Contact: Contact Chris Seidler with Revere’s Riders at gro.s1558464242rediR1558464242serev1558464242eR@no1558464242igeRW1558464242S1558464242 with any questions.

Match Fees:  Youth, military personnel, and teachers are discounted.  Discounts apply for pre-registration.  Match fee includes all range fees.


May 21, 2017
8:00 am—11:45 am
$15 – $30
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Event Director

Chris Seidler


Clark County Shooting Park
11357 North Decatur Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89131 United States
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Max Range:
100 yards
36.3453 , -115.2146

Range Map

Clark County Shooting Park

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