Safariland ALS Holsters

The AUTOMATIC LOCKING SYSTEM (ALS®) is the next evolution in retention holsters and builds upon the successful SELF LOCKING SYSTEM (SLS). With many patents to its credit, the key to this system is an internal locking device that secures the weapon in all directions simply upon re-holstering, providing Level I or III Retention™ which can also be elevated to Level IV Retention™ with the addition of the Sentry. Additionally, holsters with this all-new ergonomic design are completely operable with the thumb making training easy, and the straight up draw makes them very instinctive to use, yet difficult for an assailant’s attempted takeaway. And finally, once the retention devices are released, the weapon can be drawn straight out of the holster with no twisting or other motion required.


  • The ALS is a unique new design that locks into the ejection port and is operated by the thumb once the SLS is released.
  • The SLS rotating hood has been tested and proven for many years on the 6280 and 6004 series of holsters. Simply push down and rotate forward as you obtain your shooting grip. To close, pull back on the hood and the SLS self locks. No snaps or straps to manipulate.
  • The Hood Guard helps protect the SLS from impact and premature release especially in an attempted takeaway. Included with all duty and tactical versions.
  • Constructed of SAFARILAMINATE™, a thermal molded holster to help protect the handgun and vital components for years of use.
  • Injection molded jacket slot UNIVERSAL BELT LOOP (UBL) is very strong and comfortable. Available in standard belt ride and 1.5″ drop version for 2″ or 2.25″ belt slots.