Shooting Sports

Revere’s Marksmen:  “Hits Count!”

The branch of Revere’s Riders that focuses on the shooting sports is called “Revere’s Marksmen” and for us — Hits Count!

Our Shooting Sports Goals

Our overall goal is to educate the general public in marksmanship.

  • Educate the general public on pro-firearms issues by providing visible leadership by example and through the dissemination of pertinent information.
  • Promote the safe and responsible use of all types of firearms and range equipment by facilitating formal and informal classes.
  • Promote the safe enjoyment of all areas of shooting sports by facilitating formal and informal shooting activities.
  • Gain and maintain affiliations with nationally recognized shooting sports associations.

Overview of Programs

Revere’s Marksmen offer a wide array of programs in the Shooting Sports for a variety of skill levels and disciplines.  Some classes may satisfy NRA requirements as well (this will be indicated at course registration).

Rifle & Carbine Programs

Pistol Programs

Other Programs

  • Home Firearms Safety (2-4 hrs)
  • “Eddie Eagle” Youth Firearms Safety (varies)
  • Refuse to be a Victim (2-5 hrs)
  • Special Events (varies)

Skill Challenges

Many of our classes offer the chance to challenge your skills against standardized courses of fire.  Our courses of fire are largely based on the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s service rifle matches which date back to the beginning of the 20th century before WW1.  By challenging yourself against these courses of fire, you honor a heritage of American marksmen.

  • Rifle Challenges
    • Morgan’s 13 Classifier:  See what your current maximum range is to score consistent hits.  Challenge yourself against a target similar in size to that used by Daniel Morgan’s revolutionary war riflemen!
    • Rifle Qualification Test: This is our signature basic rifle skills test.  It requires scoring hits with both rapid and slow fire in a variety of positions against targets at known distances.  This event may be fired at 25 yards, 100 yards, 400 yards, or 600 yards.
    • Field Challenge:  The capstone challenge for a rifleman, these creative events require marksmen to detect, identify, range, and engage targets under field conditions at varying distances.  We have a reduced range version for rimfires used from 100-150 yards, and a full distance version used out to 400-600 yards for centerfire rifles.
    • Battle Rattle:  Based on the CMP’s popular Team Matches, this fast-paced event pits teams of four against targets at a variety of ranges.
  • Carbine Challenges
    • Carbine Classifier:  Based on the WW2 M1 carbine course of fire, this accuracy-driven warmup and cooldown event evaluates your current skill with a carbine.
    • Classic M1 Carbine Qualifier:  This skill challenge is a faithful adaptation of the WW2 M1 carbine qualifier.  It will test your skills out to the battlesight zero of your carbine.  The greatest generation fired this test with M1 carbines using fixed iron sights — can you qualify with the rifle of your choice and modern optics?  This event may be included at select introductory rifle clinics or matches.
    • Carbine Qualifier:  This skills test is based on the WW2 classic qualifier but also includes more modern defensive carbine skills adapted from the NRA America’s Rifle Challenge as well.  Engage targets from 7 to 100 yards on the clock from a variety of positions and test your skills under pressure.
    • Bedford Carbine Challenge:  Only available at Bedford, Indiana, this fast paced event includes moving targets, barricades, and steel.
  • Pistol Challenges
    • Whittemore’s Stand Classifier:  Check your pistol skills and see where you stand.  This pure-accuracy course of fire celebrates the famous courage of Samuel Whittemore.
    • Classic Pistol Qualifier: This skill challenge is a faithful adaptation of the WW2 M911 qualifier.  It is fired on scaled targets placed at 7 yards.
    • Pistol Qualifier:  This skills test is based on the WW2 classic qualifier but also includes more modern pistol skills.  Engage targets from 3 to 25 yards on the clock and test your skills!

We also host competitive events such as the CMP Rimfire Sporter match or the NRA America’s Rifle Challenge match.

Our Volunteer Marksmanship Staff

All of our personnel are volunteers who are committed to safety and student learning.

Because we believe its important that coaches “walk the walk” before talking the talk, all apprentice instructors (line coaches) must score as marksmen in the appropriate discipline (basic rifle, pistol, or known-distance field rifle shooting).  All assistant and certified instructors have scored at least a sharpshooter’s score.  We also recognize classifications from competitive athletes in the corresponding NRA and CMP disciplines.  When you see a Revere’s Rider instructor, you know that they have been in your shoes and can shoot competently.

Just because someone can shoot doesn’t mean that they can teach, however.  All instructors go through a rigorous upgrade process.  Volunteers start with their Basic Instructor Training, which requires at least twelve hours of “on the job training” at three events as well as knowledge tests.  Further progression as an apprentice, assistant, and certified instructor in a specific discipline requires additional practice at multiple events in the appropriate discipline (rifle, pistol, or field rifle) under the supervision of a master instructor.  All instructors are upgraded on the check-ride system:  “see one, do one under supervision, do one for certification.”  This allows new instructors to receive continuous feedback over dozens of hours of practice from master instructors.

Many of our instructors also hold credentials from the NRA, although our internal training program as a CMP affiliated club meets or exceeds NRA minimums in all areas.

If you are interested in volunteering with our organization, please complete our Volunteer Application.