Want to help Revere’s Riders teach marksmanship, Revolutionary War history and civic engagement to your fellow Americans? As a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteers are the core of our organization and we would love to put your skills to use assisting with our mission.

We can always use volunteers in all parts of our organization, to include:

  • organizational administration
  • marketing and promotion
  • IT infrastructure
  • event volunteers (you do not need to hold any firearms training certifications to assist in running events)
  • story tellers
  • instructors
  • etc.

The bottom line is that we can probably use whatever skill(s) you have in some way!

Volunteers are initially assigned to “Probationary” status. Probationary Members will be promoted to Full Members contingent on the following:

  • accrue at least 9 months as a Probationary Member in good standing
  • accrue at least 30 hours of volunteer service to Revere’s Riders
  • attend at least 4 Revere’s Riders sanctioned events
  • obtain a recommendation from at least 2 Revere’s Riders Full Members in good standing or of any Revere’s Riders officer
  • make an application to the Secretary (or their designee) requesting Full Member status

To request Probationary Member status with Revere’s Riders and start volunteering, simply fill out the form below. We will get back with you as soon as possible.

Thank You!