Rifle Programs

Our rifle programs are designed to begin with the new firearms owner and provide a continued skill progression up into advanced field marksmanship skills.  All programs are based on traditional American marksmanship skills, and prepare students for formal competition or practical field shooting.

First Steps Rifle (½ Day)

Prerequisites:  None

Estimated Ammunition Required:  100 rounds

First Steps Rifle is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation to one specific rifle action type for small classes. This course is at least three hours long and includes classroom and range time learning to shoot a specific rifle action type. Students will learn the rules for safe gun handling; the particular rifle model parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; cleaning the rifle; and continued opportunities for skill development.

At the end of the day, students will have a chance to shoot the Morgan’s 13 classifier and see how their skills have improved!

Rifle 125:  Basic Rifle (One or Two Day)

Prerequisites:  None

Estimated Ammunition Required:  About 200 rounds/day

Rifle 125 includes classroom and range time learning to shoot rifles.  This class starts at 25 yards on a “1000 inch range” which allows us to rapidly teach students how to land consistent hits.  Students learn:

  • Rules for safe gun handling & range rules
  • Rifle parts and operation & ammunition
  • Shooting fundamentals:  Five steps to firing each shot
  • Natural Point of Aim
  • Shooting from the prone, standing and sitting/kneeling positions to include use of the sling
  • Introduction to Sight Adjustments and basic calculation of minutes of angle at 25 yards
  • 25 Yard Morgan’s 13 Rifle Classifier
  • 25 Yard Rifle Qualification Test
  • Two Day Only:  Intermediate calculation of minutes of angle for precise sight adjustments at all ranges
  • Two Day Only:  Introduction to Field Shooting, to include basic ballistics and live firing to longer distances (if the range facility permits)
  • Two Day Only:  As time allows, there may be additional opportunities to engage in challenging competitions to include the Qualification Test at longer ranges, Battle Rattle, Field Shoot, or Classic M1 Carbine Qualifier.

This is our signature offering, based on traditional American riflecraft that teaches “Hits Count!”  It is appropriate for a wide breadth of student skill levels.  This course lays a sound foundation for students to shoot ~5 MOA groups under time pressure from a variety of practical field positions.  Most shooting will be at 25 yards, so a rimfire rifle is just fine.

This class is somewhat physically demanding.  We will be shooting from different positions throughout the day. To get a flavor of what we will be asking you to do at Rifle 125, follow the link to the 25 Yard Rifle Qualification Test and scroll down to the videos. Note that we will only ask students in Rifle 125 to shoot the Rifle Qualification Test after a substantial amount of instruction; additionally, those who have difficulty with transitioning from standing to either seated or prone are not required to do so.

Suggested Gear: Rifle 125 Gear

Upcoming Rifle 125 Events:

Basic Rifle – Two Day (Milan, OH)
2-day Rifle 125 (Basic Rifle) event at Erie County Conservation League near Milan, OH.
Rifle 125 (Basic Rifle) – LPRGC (Audubon, USA)
1-day Rifle 125 (Basic Rifle) event at LPRGC near Audubon PA.
Basic Rifle – Two Day (Milan, OH)
2-day Rifle 125 (Basic Rifle) event at Erie County Conservation League near Milan, OH.
Basic Rifle – Two Day (Gibsonburg, OH)
2-day Rifle 125 (Basic Rifle) event at Erie County Conservation League near Milan, OH.

Rifle 223:  Carbine — America’s Rifle Challenge Clinics (One or Two Day)

Prerequisites: Suggested—Rifle 125.

If you have not attended Rifle 125, then you should be:

  • able to reliably hit a 10″ paper plate from the standing position out to 25 yards, kneeling at 50 yards, and prone at 100 yards
  • able to consistently hit a 3×5 index card at 15 yards while standing
  • familiar with basic operation of your carbine

If you cannot meet the accuracy suggestion then you may be frustrated at carbine class and be better served learning the fundamentals of marksmanship at a Rifle 125 clinic.

Estimated Ammunition Required:  250 rounds/day

This course is conducted as an NRA America’s Rifle Challenge clinic.  Students will learn modern defensive shooting skills on the AR platform. Attendees will experience shooting in multiple firing positions at varying distances.  While this course is named for the common round fired by the AR-15  (“.223 Remington”) any safe semiautomatic carbine can be used.

All firing in this course will be within 200 yards with a focus on the close quarters environment from contact to 50 yards.  You will get a workout with all the skills needed to run the carbine from 7-100 yards.

Students learn:

  • Rules for safe gun handling & range rules
  • Carbine parts and operation & ammunition
  • Shooting Fundamentals
    • Firing Stance:  Standing
    • Five steps to firing each shot
    • Zero rifles as required
  • Situational Awareness and Scanning
  • Rapid Magazine Changes (Tactical Reloads)
  • Short Range Marksmanship Techniques
    • Tailoring the five steps to firing each shot to the close quarters environment
    • Controlled Pairs
    • Recoil Management
  • Clearing Malfunctions/Stoppages
    • Emergency/Speed Reloads
    • Failure to Fire
    • Failure to Eject
    • Double Feed
  • Special Subjects (most one-day clinics will cover only a few of these; two-day clinics will cover most or all)
    • Zeroing Carbines & Rifles
    • Carbine Trajectory and Zero Issues
    • Barricades
    • Movement
    • Kneeling Position
    • Prone Position
    • Use of the sling to support shooting stability
    • Natural Point of Aim
    • Firing from retention
    • Field Stripping & Cleaning the AR-15
    • Classic M1 Carbine Qualifier
  • Revere’s Riders Carbine Qualifier

This class is moderately physically demanding.  We will be on our feet much of the day, moving between various positions on the range.  We will be shooting from different positions throughout the day.

Please contact the event director if you intend to bring a different type of firearm other than an AR-15; we can probably accommodate learning on your preferred platform but want to ensure you will not be frustrated.

Suggested Gear: Rifle 223 Gear

Upcoming Rifle 223 Events:

Ladies Only AR-15 Class – One Day (Seelyville, IN)
1-Day Carbine event at Lost Creek Conservation Club near Seelyville, IN.
Carbine 1 and Carbine 2 – Two Day (Newburgh, IN)
2-Day Carbine event at Red Brush Rifle Range near Newburgh, IN.

Rifle 262:  Field Rifle (One or Two Day)

Prerequisites:  Suggested—Rifle 125 or previous experience with CMP or NRA disciplines.

If you cannot consistently hit a 5″ circle at 100 yards from the prone position, or if you are unfamiliar with the standing/seated/prone positions and sling usage, you will be frustrated at Rifle 262.  Material from Rifle 125 will be only briefly reviewed.  Rifle 223 (Carbine) is not required.

Estimated Ammunition Required:  150-200 rounds/day

Rifle 262 picks up where the introductory Rifle 125 “Hits Count” clinic leaves off.  Students, having mastered the fundamentals of marksmanship, learn to apply their skills out to the rifleman’s quartermile.  Most importantly, students will learn about their rifle — and themselves.

Rifle 262 is focused on practical shooting under field conditions against targets at a variety of ranges out to 600 yards, with a focus on the “rifleman’s quarter-mile”:  100-400 yards.   This class is named for the “MK262” ammunition used by designated marksmen, but you can be successful at landing hits with ball ammunition and a standard rifle.  Students will learn:

  • Field Shooting to known distances to include target detection, target identification  and basic ballistics calculation
  • Intermediate calculation of minutes of angle for precise sight adjustments at all ranges and application to field shooting problems
  • Data collection for shooting to known distances
  • Field-expedient ranging of targets at unknown distances
  • Students will be able to challenge the Rifle Qualification Test, Classic M1 Carbine Qualifier, Battle Rattle, and/or Field Shoot at actual distance; exact events may vary by venue and class.  Two-day classes allow additional activities.

Some Rifle 262 events on ranges of limited size will be advertised as “mini field rifle” events.  These events occur out to 100-150 yards and are designed for .22 LR rimfire rifles.  At these ranges, .22 LR shooters face many of the same challenges as centerfire rifles at the full rifleman’s quarter mile.

Suggested Gear: Rifle 262 Gear

Upcoming Rifle 262 Events:

Field Rifle – One Day (Newburgh, IN)
1-day Field Rifle event at Red Brush Rifle Range near Newburgh, IN.
Rifle 262 (Field Rifle) – One Day (Marion, OH)
1-day Rifle 262 (Field Rifle) event at Meeker Sportsman Center near Marion, OH.
Rifle 262 (Field Rifle) – Two Day (Midvale, OH)
2-day Rifle 262 (Field Rifle) event at Tusco Rifle Club near Midvale, Ohio.

Rifle 308:  Advanced Field Rifle & Precision Rifle

These classes will continue on where Rifle 262 leaves off.  The focus will be on detection, identification and ranging of targets at unknown distances, calculation of elevation and windage adjustments, and spotting and shooting teamwork.  Additionally, where the venue permits, we will continue to bump the distance out to 600-1000 yards.

Prerequisites: Suggested—Rifle 262 or previous equivalent experience.

Estimated Ammunition Required: 

Suggested Gear: 

Upcoming Rifle 308 Events:

There are no upcoming events.

Marksman Clinics (½ Day)

Prerequisites:  Clinics are designed as skill builders and thus assume some basic knowledge.  Completing Rifle 125 is often helpful but not necessarily required.  All classes include a brief review of Shooting Fundamentals, at least one firing position and sling usage, and natural point of aim.

Estimated Ammunition Required:  100-150 rounds

The available clinics include:

  • Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship Clinic:  In depth review of Shooting Fundamentals (Five Steps to firing the shot), the prone position, and natural point of aim.  Shooters will conclude by challenging the Liberty Bell Classifier.  This is essentially a faster-paced “First Steps” rifle class with an increased emphasis on live fire.
  • Rapid Fire Clinic:  We will focus on rapid fire while transitioning to prone and sitting/kneeling positions.  Students will challenge the full Classifier and Battle Rattle.
  • Rifleman’s Quarter Mile Clinic:  The focus of the class will be on calculation of minutes of angle for precise sight adjustments at all ranges and an introduction to field shooting, to include basic ballistics and live firing to longer distances (at least 100 yards for rimfires, 400 yards for centerfires).
  • Field Shooting Clinic:  In this class we will explore how to detect, identify, and range targets at unknown distances.  Students will be challenged with a field shooting challenge (at least 100 yards for rimfires, 400 yards for centerfires).  This skill builder is designed for intermediate shooters familiar with their rifles.

Marksman Matches (~2 Hours)

Estimated Ammunition Required:  50-150 rounds

Matches are intended to allow competitors to challenge our various courses of fire.  There is minimal instruction and coaching.  Depending on range facilities, firing may be to 25 yards, 100-150 yards (rimfires), or 400-600 yards (centerfires).

Matches include one or more of the following, and may be fired more than once (read match description carefully and bring appropriate ammo!):

  • Morgan’s 13 Classifier (13 rounds)
  • Qualification Tests (20-50 rounds)
  • Battle Rattle (100 rounds per team of four)
  • Field Shoot (15 rounds per challenge)
  • NRA or CMP Competitions