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    Elections Today in 6 States

    Revere’s Riders encourages all United States citizens to do their civic duty and vote. The government representatives that you elect set local, county, state and federal policy and law. It is up to each and every one of us to vote for the representatives who best reflect our own vision and values. The Constitution provides...
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    On This Day: Crispus Attucks

    On this day, March 5th 1770, Crispus Attucks is killed during the Boston Massacre. The first to defy, The first to die. On March 5, 1770, British soldiers Captain-Lieutenant John Goldfinch and Private Hugh White stood guard outside the Boston Custom House on King Street in Boston (known as State Street today). Edward Garrick, a wigmaker’s...
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    New Website Feature: Qualification Scores

    For 2018, we have rolled out a new feature for our website: recording of qualification scores! Most of our event participants strive to “shoot a score” on the qualifying tests run at our events. Henceforth, we will be recording all qualification scores on the website; they will be accessible to you as a record of...
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    Annual Report: 2017 in Review

    Dear Members and Friends of Revere’s Riders, Thank you for your generous support of Revere’s Riders over the past year. Your generous efforts have truly furthered our vision of “Every American Choosing Liberty, Every Day.” As we spend time with friends and family over the holidays, I wanted to briefly reflect on what Revere’s Riders...

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Read more +06 July 2015 By Dave Goodrich in MRM Monday

Dave’s Corner: Road to Revolution

War is not a life: it is a situation, one which may neither be ignored nor accepted. —T.S. Elliot How did our revolution of minds and hearts become a revolution of muskets and bayonets? Were we wanting of it? Many would say the American Revolution was a calculated affair, a carefully orchestrated dance of politics
Read more +01 June 2015 By Dave Goodrich in MRM Monday

Dave’s Corner

This is the first in an occasional series of articles by Mr. Dave Goodrich, one of the Directors on our Board. Welcome to Revere’s Riders. If this is your first time here you are probably wondering who we are, if not, you may still find my ramblings interesting if not informative. So who are Revere’s Riders? We
Read more +04 July 2015 By Chris Seidler in History

Fourth of July!

All of us at Revere’s Riders join you in celebrating the Declaration of Independence!  We hope you’ll take a few minutes to reflect on the values and ideas we honor today.  Many of our members were active in their communities to honor this special day — here’s some photos from one Indiana crew that marched


  • I thoroughly enjoyed myself! And, despite sore elbows and knees, I was grinning ear to ear after each day.
  • The generosity of spirit and the way my boys were drawn-in, encouraged and included by every volunteer and participant was nothing short of amazing !!!
  • I am fairly new to this whole world, and I'll be honest that I was nervous about coming out to an event like this with people we don't know. I am so glad that we took the plunge and did it though - every single person there was patient with us newbies and encouraging even though we were starting at zero. I cannot say enough how impressed I was with the instructors who went above and beyond to teach us one step after another.
    Rifle 125, Richmond, IN
  • The atmosphere at the Bedford Contingent makes me want to go back every weekend...These folks have put together a top notch experience...I highly recommend this program to anyone regardless of your shooting experience.
    Rifle 125, Bedford, IN
  • 2 days of solid never-ending fun.
    Ladies Only Rifle125, Audubon, PA