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    On This Day: Colonel Israel Angell

    On this day, May 4th, 1918, the relocated graves of Colonel Israel Agnell and his first wife, Martha, were dedicated at a ceremony in Providence, Rhode Island. Israel Agnell was born on August 24th, 1740 to Oliver and Naomi Agnell in Providence, Rhode Island and was a fifth generation descendant of one of the original settlers...
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    On This Day: A Second Copy of the Declaration of Independence Discovered

    On April 24th, 2017 a second copy of the Declaration of Independence was discovered in Chichester, England. The copy is believed to have been commissioned by Charles Lennox, Third Duke of Richmond: “Richmond was a strong critic of Lord North’s American policy. In December 1775, he declared in the House of Lords that the resistance...
  • in After Action Report (AAR)

    Student Reviews (Las Vegas, NV — Apr 14, 2018)

    Last week we wrote an after action report for a recent Patriot’s Day event.  We wanted to share some student feedback from the post-event surveys: “Excellent class! I would highly recommend this to anyone who really would like to sharpen their rifle shooting skills.” “This was an awesome course for beginners. Each volunteer ...
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    August 8, 1754 : “The Kings Mountain Messenger” was Born

    On this day in Philadelphia, PA – Joseph Greer was born. One of eleven children, his family would move to the frontier of Staunton, Virginia and later the Watauga area. In 1769 Joseph, his father and brothers were among 40 men who would defend  Fort Watauga – he had just turned 15. Later he would serve under Col. John Sevier during the...

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Read more +23 March 2018 By Sharon Sabo in History

On This Day: Patrick Henry

If you’ve only heard the last line, Patrick Henry’s speech to the Virginia legislature on March 23rd, 1775 is worth reading in it’s entirety. Henry spoke as a delegate to the Second Virginia Convention at St. John’s Episcopal Church in the town of Richmond on that day. The convention was debating whether to include language
Read more +16 April 2018 By Bruce Williams in History

On This Day: The Massachusetts Spy

The Massachusetts Spy was a colonial weekly newspaper founded in 1770 by Isaiah Thomas and his former master, Zechariah Fowle; later Thomas would buy out Fowle to become sole publisher. Having a circulation of around 3,500, the Spy was substantially more popular than other newspapers of the day which typical had circulations of less than
Read more +21 April 2018 By Sharon Sabo in History

April is National Poetry Month: Michael B., Hingham, MA

Poetry is about questioning, sometimes addressing the concerns of current society while reflecting on the moments that crafted our History. As a contemporary Teen Poet (2010) Mr. Hingham discusses an issue we all should address – what was the cost and are we truly living a version of the Vision? Or have we regressed to


  • I thoroughly enjoyed myself! And, despite sore elbows and knees, I was grinning ear to ear after each day.
  • The generosity of spirit and the way my boys were drawn-in, encouraged and included by every volunteer and participant was nothing short of amazing !!!
  • I am fairly new to this whole world, and I'll be honest that I was nervous about coming out to an event like this with people we don't know. I am so glad that we took the plunge and did it though - every single person there was patient with us newbies and encouraging even though we were starting at zero. I cannot say enough how impressed I was with the instructors who went above and beyond to teach us one step after another.
    Rifle 125, Richmond, IN
  • The atmosphere at the Bedford Contingent makes me want to go back every weekend...These folks have put together a top notch experience...I highly recommend this program to anyone regardless of your shooting experience.
    Rifle 125, Bedford, IN
  • 2 days of solid never-ending fun.
    Ladies Only Rifle125, Audubon, PA