A Revolutionary War era two-story log structure was recently revealed during the demolition of a condemned building in Washingtonville, PA. The building was last used as a bar and storage and had been condemned by the town. Valley Girl News has more details of this amazing find: The old bar, once known as KCs Corner,
Three new books have been added to the Revere’s Riders online store. Obviously, each of these books are outside of our usual focus on Revolutionary War history, but we have included them in our online store to highlight American military heroes of more modern times. Alvin York: A New Biography of the Hero of the
A WWI diary written by Private Arthur Edward Diggens (born August 26, 1895 in London) has been recently found in a barn in Leicestershire, England. The diary was discovered in a box along with other unrelated militaria items the provenance of which is unknown. Entries in the diary begin on February 13, 1916 and end
A Revolutionary War Dutch flintlock musket once belonging to John Simpson, a Private in the 1st New Hampshire Regiment, is up for auction at Morphy Auctions later this month. The flintlock musket is anticipated to bring upwards of $300,000. Why so much? John Simpson is believed to have fired the first shot of the Battle
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The Museum of the American Revolution announced that a hand-written diary of Corporal Abner Weston (1760-1830) has been acquired by the museum and will be displayed when the museum opens in 2020. The diary reveals new details about the female Revolutionary War soldier Deborah Sampson, who disguised herself as a man to join the Continental Army.
Those that have attended a Revere’s Riders event will know we ask every participant to fill out an online post-event survey. The survey submissions don’t go into a black hole, never to be seen again; we actually look at them and tailor our future programs and events according to the survey responses. “Offerings in new
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Pauly Breechloading Shotgun

Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons has just posted a very interesting video on a Pauly Breechloading Shotgun that is available at Morphy’s April 2019 auction. This firearm was the first to utilize a fully self-contained cartridge consisting of a primer, case and cartridge and it was remarkably similar to the cartridges of today. In 1812!
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In 1779, Kind Louis XVI of France donated the merchant ship Duc de Duras to the newly formed Continental Navy and she was placed under the command of John Paul Jones. She was renamed Bonhomme Richard as an homage to Benjamin Franklin (Ambassador to France and author of “Poor Richard’s Almanac”) and the generosity of

Durs Egg Breechloading Musket

Morphy Auctions offered a very interesting British rifle recently: a Durs Egg Ferguson breech loading rifle circa 1776. Only 100 of these rifles were constructed and fewer than two dozen remain today. The rifle being auctioned is serial number 2. The Ferguson breech loading rifle was constructed by four British firearms makers, one of which
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Skinner Auctioneers Historic Arms & Militaria auction on November 2nd in Marlborough, MA has an interesting item: British Pattern 1756 Long Land Service Musket Marked to the 4th Regiment of Foot. The auction catalog describes the musket as follows: British Pattern 1756 Long Land Service Musket Marked to the 4th Regiment of Foot, or the Kings
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