On This Day: John Hancock is Born

On this day, January 23rd, in 1737 John Hancock is born to Colonel John Hancock, Jr. (a soldier, planter, and politician) and Mary Hawke Thaxter. Hancock’s father would die in 1744 at which time the younger Hancock was sent to live with his aunt, Lydia, and uncle, Thomas. Thomas Hancock was a merchant and one
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2020 was the second year for the Marty Brown Memorial series of events and we hoped to improve our fundraising to $20,000 from just under $12,000 last year. Our plans included splitting the Marty Brown Memorial Open event into two separate 1-day events hopefully making it easier for more people to attend. Then COVID-19 came

Annual Report: 2020 in Review

Dear Members and Friends of Revere’s Riders, Two-thousand-twenty is a year that we will all likely remember for all the wrong reasons. COVID-19 impacted our lives negatively in ways that we likely had never imagined and it certainly made it’s mark on Revere’s Riders as we were forced to cancel 4 events because of it.
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You may have experienced this recently: you go to your favorite local gun store to buy ammunition only to find the prices have gone up significantly or, worse, there’s nothing on the shelf at all. All of us here at Revere’s Riders have had that experience. For those thinking that firearms training isn’t in the

Sig Sauer Recalls Cross Rifle

Sig Sauer has announced a recall on their newly released Cross rifle. At least one rifle exhibited delayed firing after a trigger pull. Sig Sauer will modify the rifle action to prevent this condition at no cost to owners and will pay all shipping costs.
Smith & Wesson have announced a recall on recently manufactured M&P Shield EZ pistols (both the M&P9 Shield EZ and M&P380 Shield EZ) due to a potential issue with the pistol’s hammer causing it to not fully engage the sear. This could result in a “slam fire” condition where the pistol fires upon the slide
400 years ago today, November 21st, 102 passengers and 30 crew on the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock near modern day Cape Cod, Massachusetts after 10 weeks at sea. The passengers on the Mayflower were separatists from the Church of England who had fled to The Netherlands to escape what they viewed as religious persecution
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The 4th Annual Marty Brown Memorial Invitational rifle match was held Nov. 7-8, 2021 on Range 5 of Camp Atterbury near Edinburgh, IN. Fourteen participants were treated to fantastic weather in the 60s for the entire weekend; it was hard to believe that it was November in Indiana. Participants rallied at 0730 at Camp Atterbury
Jake Woodcock, Revere’s Riders Vice President and Executive Officer for Marksmanship (Pistol), and Nigel Downton, Revere’s Riders pistol, rifle, and carbine instructor, talk with Guy Relford on his “Gun Guy with Guy Relford” talk show on WIBC 93.1 FM in Indianapolis, IN. Topics discussed include the Revere’s Riders 2021 event schedule, how Revere’s Riders keeps