Photos from the May 15-16, 2021 Rifle 125 held in Seelyville, IN are now available on the Revere’s Riders website. This was a special event for a local Boy Scout troop to practice their marksmanship skills in preparation to earn their Rifle Shooting Merit Badge.
Photos from the Rifle 125 held April 17-18 in Willisburg, KY are now available. 
The first ever Revere’s Riders Instructor Training Weekend (ITW) was held on February 27-28 at A&A Optics in Liberty, IN. Eleven instructor candidates and four Master Instructors (Bradley “Slim” Settle, Phil Brown, TJ Kackowski and Nigel Downton) attended the event. Instructor candidates fulfilled all of the requirements to be “Certified” in Revere’s Riders Basic Instructor
2020 was the second year for the Marty Brown Memorial series of events and we hoped to improve our fundraising to $20,000 from just under $12,000 last year. Our plans included splitting the Marty Brown Memorial Open event into two separate 1-day events hopefully making it easier for more people to attend. Then COVID-19 came

Annual Report: 2020 in Review

Dear Members and Friends of Revere’s Riders, Two-thousand-twenty is a year that we will all likely remember for all the wrong reasons. COVID-19 impacted our lives negatively in ways that we likely had never imagined and it certainly made it’s mark on Revere’s Riders as we were forced to cancel 4 events because of it.
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The 4th Annual Marty Brown Memorial Invitational rifle match was held Nov. 7-8, 2021 on Range 5 of Camp Atterbury near Edinburgh, IN. Fourteen participants were treated to fantastic weather in the 60s for the entire weekend; it was hard to believe that it was November in Indiana. Participants rallied at 0730 at Camp Atterbury
Photos from the Rifle 125 held Aug. 29-30, 2020 in Willisburg, KY are now available. Thanks to Jane Wiedenhoefer for being event photographer!
Yesterday, July 14th, Revere’s Riders President, Bruce Williams, and Marty Brown Memorial™ Events Director, Phil Brown, presented Robin Jackson and Bob Hunter of Ovar’coming Together a check in the amount of $4,985 representing the proceeds from the 2020 Marty Brown Memorial Open Round #1. Revere’s Riders would like to thank all those that participated at