For some time now, Amazon has provided a method to contribute 0.5% of your qualifying purchases made on towards your preferred charitable cause. Revere’s Riders is a participant in the Amazon Smile program and we are grateful to those that have already set us as their preferred charity. To date, Revere’s Riders has received
The first ever Revere’s Riders Instructor Training Weekend (ITW) was held on February 27-28 at A&A Optics in Liberty, IN. Eleven instructor candidates and four Master Instructors (Bradley “Slim” Settle, Phil Brown, TJ Kackowski and Nigel Downton) attended the event. Instructor candidates fulfilled all of the requirements to be “Certified” in Revere’s Riders Basic Instructor
You may have experienced this recently: you go to your favorite local gun store to buy ammunition only to find the prices have gone up significantly or, worse, there’s nothing on the shelf at all. All of us here at Revere’s Riders have had that experience. For those thinking that firearms training isn’t in the

Benevity to Match Donations

Benevity has just announced that it will match all donations to non-profit organizations up to a maximum of $300,000. You can donate to Revere’s Riders via Benevity by going to the Revere’s Riders Benevity Donation Page.
The beginning of a new year is drawing near and many of us take this time to consider making a charitable donation to a worthy organization. Revere’ Riders sincerely hopes that you keep us, as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, in your plans. Donations to Revere’s Riders go towards supporting our mission of teaching marksmanship skills

Hits Count: Morgan’s Shingle

Editor’s Note:  This article is in a series about the heritage of our marksmanship challenges.  Click here for the introduction to the series. If you attend a Revere’s Riders rifle event, you’ll have a chance to try your hand at shooting “Morgan’s Shingle.”  We have a version scaled for 25 yards, one for 100 yards,