Many Revere’s Riders Events are “Rimfire Friendly”

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You may have experienced this recently: you go to your favorite local gun store to buy ammunition only to find the prices have gone up significantly or, worse, there’s nothing on the shelf at all.

All of us here at Revere’s Riders have had that experience.

For those thinking that firearms training isn’t in the cards for 2021 due to the expense or difficulty in procuring ammunition, consider the following:

  • many of Revere’s Riders firearms training courses are conducive to the use of a rimfire chambered gun:
  • Revere’s Riders firearms training courses are significantly less expensive than other comparable courses; spend the money you save on course fees to buy ammo
  • for our courses that do require centerfire chambered guns like Rifle 223, we’ve made changes to help reduce the total round count

So reach into the back of your safe for that rimfire pistol or rifle that’s been gathering dust; now is the perfect time to put it to use in continuing (or starting!) your firearms training in 2021!

We look forward to seeing you at one of our 2021 events!