Labor Day Sale

From now through Labor Day, save 10% on your event ticket purchases using discount code “2018-labor-day-10”. We still have several great events coming up this year; you can find all the details on the “Find an Event” page. We hope to see you at a Revere’s Riders event soon!
All of us at Revere’s Riders wish you a happy Fourth of July.  On this special day we celebrate “Every American Choosing Libery, Every Day!” In honor of the holiday, the first three orders today receive $100 off—use code “2018-4thFlashSale” on any order of $200 or more.  This is a great day to get a membership

Independence Day Sale 2018

In honor of Independence Day, Revere’s Riders is offering 20% off all purchases over $100.  This includes all event tickets and memberships.  Thanks for celebrating with us! Use coupon code “2018-July4” to claim your discount anytime this week.  Keep watching the RR page for additional special offers!
In honor of Patriot’s Day, general admission tickets to the Las Vegas event are 30% off!  This discount stacks with those for sustaining members but not with any other promotions. Use code “VegasFlashSale2018APR” for the discount. Discounted admission is available for a limited number of tickets…  When the discounted tickets are gone, they’re gone! Pre-register

2018 Patriot’s Day Sale

Join us at an upcoming event this Patriot’s Day!  Use coupon code “2018PatriotsDay” for a 15% discount on events.  Order prior to April 19 to lock in your savings!  
Revere’s Riders is happy to thank the Nevada Shooters web forum for their generous support.   This forum is Nevada’s premier firearm enthusiast community.  We have enjoyed a positive relationship with NV Shooters for some time and extended discounts to members of the NV Shooters forum community in the past. We are expanding this cooperation for
There may be a few more weeks of winter, but the weather in Vegas is great!  Join us at a carbine event on Feb 10-11 and get 30% off up to two general admission tickets, so you can bring a friend.  The coupon code is good for the first two orders only so don’t wait!

2017 Washington’s Crossing Sale

We wish you a happy holiday and invite you to join us at an event in 2018—use coupon code “WashingtonCrossing2018” to save 15% on all events and memberships through January 3. On December 25, 1776, the American Revolution hung by a thread.  Beset by desertions after disasters in New York and New Jersey a ragged

Give Thanks

This Thanksgiving holiday, please join us in reflecting on our good fortune.  Use coupon code “2017GiveThanks” for 15% off on any event as well as sustaining memberships.  The code is good through Cyber Monday. On this date in 1776, George Washington and the Continental Army had been handed defeat after defeat by the British, ultimately

We The People 2017

Every fall we honor Constitution Day, which falls on September 17.  The Constitution, along with the Declaration of Independence, is one of the key founding documents of our Republic.  This is the day the delegates signed the document in Philadelphia. This is also a somber opportunity to reflect on the events of 9/11.  In particular