Marion, OH Rifle 262 KD AAR

by / / After Action Report (AAR)

We completed a two day Known Distance Field Rifle 262 event at Meeker Sportsman Club near Marion, Ohio this past weekend. What a great event. We had a few open spots on the line which was a disappointment but the shooters that joined us had fantastic attitudes, drank in the instructions and excelled on the firing line. Below are some photos from the event.

Meeker Sportsman Club, our host and a great supporter of Revere’s Riders
Meeker is perfect range for a KD event, berms out to 400 yds, no moving firing line
Working on zeros on Sat, note open sights on a full size AR and an M1 rocking the line
Couple of the guys enjoyed a game of chess at lunch on Sat
Shooting Stage 1
Shooting Stage 2
Count Zero shoots Expert with multiple 47’s, just couldn’t find that 48th hit for Master
Darold earns Marksman with a high score of 38
Donald shoots Marksman with a 34

Donald’s work was amazing. He has never attended a 25 meter event with us or the other organization. He is a club member I met at a recent work day at the range and I gave him an exemption to attend. He worked hard Sat to absorb IMC/come ups and he had the challenge of working with a red dot combat scope that totally covered the target at 300 and 400 yards. In addition, he got brief instructions on the steps to making a shot and the steady holds factors in the field positions to get him ready for the QT’s. He sucked it all in and was able to apply it at the line. Initial scores were what you would expect but every score was higher then the previous and he broke through to a patch with his 34. Huzzah, great work Donald.

Sunday also included a range estimation lecture and a practical ranging exercise. Front sight width/reticle tensions were confirmed and three actual targets were identified and ranged. They all did a great job at this getting most of them right. More info on the life of Paul Revere was presented at our Sunday lunch for heritage and the event wrapped up with a call to action. Overall, fantastic event. We have one more at Meeker later this year. Come join us, I want a full line this fall when we return to Meeker. Corvette