Testimonial: Basic Rifle 125 (Las Vegas, NV)

by / / After Action Report (AAR)

One of our students at a recent event in Las Vegas reached out with some very positive comments about a recent event.  This individual was fine with us sharing their note:

Hi Chris,

Thank you for leading our weekend Basic Rifle course this weekend. The course was professionally conducted, safe and fun. As a novice, I had no idea what to expect. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! And, despite sore elbows and knees, I was grinning ear to ear after each day.

This was my first exposure to real marksmanship training. The teaching methods are terrific. Besides learning wonderful essentials of shooting, I am grateful for the specific help I received regarding my rifle from several of the instructors. And, I am especially thankful that I was sent home with clear methods to follow as I practice on my own.

You will see me this autumn at the carbine and rifle classes.

– A

We also survey our students after each event.  About half the students provided feedback for this event and they all rated this clinic a perfect “5/5” for overall experience, volunteer professionalism & credibility, value, and marksmanship…   Our volunteer team brings literally thousands of hours (or more!) of expertise to a typical event and we are proud to put on world class clinics.

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