AAR: Military CMP Clinic

On Veteran’s Day 2019, Revere’s Riders was proud to support a Civilian Marksmanship Program rifle clinic for airmen of the 388 Fighter Wing in Utah.  The 388 FW recently received its final F-35A Lightning II jet and declared full war fighting capability.  As part of preparing the wing for worldwide deployments, airmen were able to
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AAR: Battle Road Staff Ride

In mid-November, two of our volunteers led a staff ride on the site of the “Battle Road” in Massachusetts.  A staff ride is a historical study of a campaign or battle that envisions a systematic study, an extensive field study phase on the actual historic site , and an integration phase to capture the lessons
One of our experienced volunteers found an interesting document from the Concord, MA Chamber of Commerce with an hour-by-hour account of the events of April 19, 1775.  While the pamphlet has limited citations for its sources its a quick and easy read that outlines the major events of the day and is well worth checking
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Last week we wrote an after action report for a recent Patriot’s Day event.  We wanted to share some student feedback from the post-event surveys: “Excellent class! I would highly recommend this to anyone who really would like to sharpen their rifle shooting skills.” “This was an awesome course for beginners. Each volunteer was extremely
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On this day in 1775, Paul Revere’s famous ride set into action the start of the American Revolutionary war.  Throughout the month of April, Revere’s Riders has been celebrating this event with clinics that connect Americans to our shared heritage.  Check out an event coming near you soon, or continue reading for an AAR of
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Revere’s Riders is happy to thank the Nevada Shooters web forum for their generous support.   This forum is Nevada’s premier firearm enthusiast community.  We have enjoyed a positive relationship with NV Shooters for some time and extended discounts to members of the NV Shooters forum community in the past. We are expanding this cooperation for