Marty Brown Memorial Invitational Rifle Match Rules

Marty Brown Memorial Invitational Rifle Match Rules

This will be an informal 3-position known distance rifle match honoring the memory of Marty Brown, a rifle instructor with Revere’s Riders who succumbed to a 40-month battle with ovarian cancer in 2017. As such the Marty Brown Memorial Invitational™ will be as much about camaraderie and honoring Marty’s memory as it is about the competition. Read more about Marty, other Marty Brown Memorial™ events and our partnership with Ovar’coming Together on the Marty Brown Memorial page.

Prerequisite: Attendance at either a Rifle 125 or Rifle 262 event and a score of Marksman or better on the Rifle Qualification Test or approval of the Match Director. For this event, you must be able to safely handle your rifle with minimal supervision while on the firing line and while walking between each of the 100, 200, 300 and 400 yard berms. You should be able to consistently shoot a group of 4 MOA or less using only a loop sling for support.

Rifle and Ammunition Required: Any rifle chambered in a centerfire caliber sufficient to produce accurate groups at 400 yards (typically either .223/5.56, .30-06 or .308 but bring whatever caliber rifle you feel is appropriate). You should plan on bringing at least 250-300 rounds of ammunition in the appropriate caliber for your rifle (bringing ammunition that is the same brand, bullet type and weight will ensure a consistent bullet trajectory and point of impact on the target). Bringing more ammunition is always a good idea.

Required Equipment: You will be required to have the following equipment to participate in this event:

  • rifle chambered in the centerfire caliber of your choice
  • minimum of 250-300 rounds of ammunition in your rifle’s caliber (more is always better)
  • minimum of 2 rifle magazines of at least 10 round capacity
  • hearing protection
  • eye protection
  • plenty of your preferred method of hydration (both plain water and something to replace electrolytes you will lose via sweating is ideal)
  • lunch (leaving base for lunch is not feasible)
  • snacks (granola bars, dried fruit, nuts, etc.)
  • appropriate clothing (the known distance ranges are not sheltered in any way; if it’s sunny, you will be out in the sun; if raining, you’ll be out in the rain; bring what’s appropriate for you and the forecasted weather; layered clothing is best so that you can adjust to the changing temps)
  • appropriate method of carrying your equipment between berms (see General Match Information below for recommendations)

Optional Equipment: The following optional equipment may be helpful to you during this event but is not required:

  • high-powered binoculars or spotting scope (this will help you see your sighters; however, be aware that setting up/taking down a spotting scope on a tripod will take extra time that you might not have)
  • something to write with and something to write on (taking notes on your sighters and any adjustments you make will be invaluable)
  • shooting mat (you will be firing from a grassy berm and a shooting mat is not necessary and is just extra weight to lug around)
  • sunscreen and/or bug spray
  • a hat with brim to protect from flying brass and the sun
  • if you wish to collect your own brass, bring whatever containers/equipment you desire for that purpose

Prohibited Equipment: The following equipment WILL NOT BE ALLOWED at this match:

  • any accessory designed to stabilize your rifle other than a loop sling (e.g., no bipods, shooting rests, shooting gloves, etc.; the Match Director shall have the sole and final authority on what equipment may be used; if you have any questions about your equipment, contact the match director prior to the match itself to clarify).
  • any kind of portable shelter (we will be moving from berm to berm all day and there is no time or place to setup a shelter)

Additional Recommendations

Some notes from experience:

  • It can always rain in Indiana and rain gear is light, bring it.  Rifles are not made of sugar, and they won’t melt if they get wet.
  • A shooting mat should be a mat, not a tarp. Tarps blow around, require folding, collect rain. We cannot have folks pitching a campsite every 100 yds. The U. S. Army has provided grass at each firing distance and you do not have to carry it. Leave the mat at home if you can and enjoy nature.
  • Water is your first best friend, start drinking an extra quart a day, two days in advance. Bring at least two quarts each morning to the range.
  • Power bars or energy bars are your second best friend, bring several.
  • A mesh or light cloth bag for collecting brass is very helpful. Snag an old pillow case when the spouse isn’t looking.
  • You can get sunburned in the winter.  Sunscreen and chapstick are light and easy to use.  A hat with a bill rocks.
  • A clean rag is priceless when you need it.
  • Your rifle will get dirty, rained on, and scratched. Leave the safe queen at home, this event is for rifles you mean to shoot.
  • Don’t bring cheap ammo for sighters and expensive ammo for score. Yes, it has happened; no, it didn’t end well.
  • Make sure your scope or sights are tight and blue Locktite was used. We have seen scopes fall off rifles. More than once.
  • Make your lunch light and nutritious; this is not the place for Snoballs and Diet Coke.
  • Dress as if you will be doing landscaping work all day and your spouse will not let you back in the house until dark. Toss in rain gear and you will be fine.


Bring everything you need and nothing you will not use.

General Match Information

The known distance ranges at Camp Atterbury have grass covered berms at 100 yard increments. We will be walking between berms to the appropriate target distance and you will need a way to transport all your gear. For this reason, you will want to bring ONLY WHAT YOU NEED and leave all the other stuff either at home or in the car.

A medium sized backpack of almost any type (as long as it is sufficiently sturdy) works great for carrying your gear. Having multiple compartments will be a benefit to keeping your gear organized. A duffle bag could work in a pinch. Any kind of cart/wagon/etc. will be more a hindrance than a help and will probably make you the target of some good-natured jokes.

If you have a disability or require assistance to walk 100 yard distances, let us know before signing up and we will try our utmost to make the event accessible to you.

General Match Rules

The following general match rules are in effect:

  • Attendees will squad into two groups (one shooting, one in the pits) during strings.
  • Each relay will shoot sighters and then two qualifiers, swap and repeat.
  • Saturday morning shooters shoot Sunday Afternoon and vice-versa
  • The Match Director shall have sole and final authority regarding any scoring disputes or other issues concerning the match. Please keep in mind that this is an INFORMAL competition.


Traveling trophies (i.e., you keep the trophy for 1 year, returning it at next year’s Marty Brown Memorial Invitational) will be presented for the following:

  • Overall High Score
  • Tactifail (competitor with the most useless “crap” on their rifle; winner must add a piece of “crap” to the trophy for next year; bonus points if you transfer a piece of “crap” from your rifle directly to the trophy)

Any ties will be broken by method determined by the Match Director.

Rules effective September 11, 2019.