Your help matters!

There are many ways to support the Cause.  We understand that not everyone has the time to commit to active membership as a volunteer.  Your financial support makes it possible for us to sponsor a variety of programs at significantly reduced cost to the general public.  We have a number of expenses such as program materials, insurance, and travel expenses for instructors (they don’t get paid, but we do cover gas money!) that financial support is vital to cover.

The easiest way to give is purchasing the Donation product from our online store (see below).  You can also contact the treasurer to get information about where to send checks, which avoid credit card processing fees.  Finally, we are able to accept many types of in-kind donations.

If you are looking to engage with Revere’s Riders as a sponsor or corporate partner, please check here for information about our business development team.

Non Profit Status

Revere’s Riders is a non-profit corporation.  We have a 501C(3) determination from the IRS which can be made available upon request.

We are committed to accountability and transparency.  Please check here for more information on our governance.