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Rifle 262 (Field Rifle) – Two Day (Camp Atterbury, IN)

Jun 1, 2019 @ 8:00 amJun 2, 2019 @ 5:00 pm EDT

This event has been cancelled due to the Event Director sustaining an injury that makes it unlikely for him to be able to conduct the event. All ticket purchases will be refunded. We will attempt to reschedule the event for a later date.

Rifle 262 (Field Rifle) Overview

Prerequisites: STRONGLY SUGGESTED — Rifle 125* or previous experience with CMP, 3-Position Highpower or NRA disciplines.

If you cannot consistently hit a 5″ circle at 100 yards WITHOUT the aid of a benchrest, bipod, sandbag, or other stabilizing aid you are not prepared for this event and we strongly suggest you attend a Rifle 125 event prior to participation in Rifle 262.  If you are unfamiliar with the standing/seated/prone positions and sling usage, you will be frustrated.  If you are physically unable to execute those positions you will be frustrated.  If, however, you want to test yourself and your rifle out to 500 yards then this event is absolutely for you.  Material from Rifle 125 will only be briefly reviewed.

Estimated Ammunition Required: Bring 250-300 rounds/day. It is important that all ammunition be of the same type (i.e. same weight, manufacturer, etc) for this event. Our volunteers have identified several accessories that may be helpful at this type of event.

Rifle Requirements: You will need a safe rifle chambered in a centerfire caliber of your preference (we will be shooting at distances beyond the effective range of most rimfire calibers). Please make an effort to get a known zero prior to attending (25 yds or 200 yds preferred, but any known zero will work).  At the very least, bore sight your AR-platform or bolt rifle by pulling the bolt and aligning the sighting system with the bore at a mark 25 yards away.  If you are not zeroed, we will make an attempt to get you there but a good zero will facilitate your learning.

Required Equipment: You should plan to bring the following equipment to the event:

  • sling for your rifle (while a US GI sling will work perfectly well for this event, many prefer a more easily adjustable sling)
  • at least two magazines for your rifle
  • a way to take notes
  • hearing protection
  • eye protection
  • plenty of your preferred method of hydration (both plain water and something to replace electrolytes you will lose via sweating is ideal)
  • clothing appropriate for the weather (loose fitting clothing, especially around the neck, is discouraged as hot brass can lodge against the skin and cause a burn)

Optional Equipment: The following equipment is not required but may come in handy at the event:

Overview: Rifle 262 is focused on practical shooting under field conditions against targets at a variety of ranges out to 500 yards with qualification opportunities at 100-400 yards. Students will review:

  • Field Shooting to known distances to include target detection, target identification, wind compensation and ballistics correction
  • Calculation of minutes of angle for precise sight adjustments at all ranges and application to field shooting problems
  • Data collection (“DOPE”) for shooting to known distances with your rifle and ammo
  • Field-expedient ranging of targets at unknown distances
  • Sighting system calibration and repeatability testing

Rifle 262 picks up where Rifle 125 leaves off.  Students, having mastered the fundamentals of marksmanship, learn to apply their skills out to 500 yards.  Students will have multiple opportunities to challenge the Full Distance Hits Count Qualification Test.  Most importantly, students will learn the capabilities of their rifle—and themselves. Contact the Event Director prior to registering with questions. Data to provide a starting point on ballistic information can be calculated beforehand using one of the many free or low-cost ballistic calculator apps available for smartphones.

Profiles of Patriots

We will take brief breaks throughout the day to honor George Washington and the men who embraced his leadership while battling for their (and our) Freedom.

Additional Event Information

All participants must purchase tickets by the DEADLINE of 5:00 PM on 24 May 2019.  Absolutely no registrations will be allowed after this deadline. The unique venue for this event requires that additional information be provided for each participant (collected when you purchase your ticket). This information is a requirement of Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center (CAJMTC) and your information will be shared with Military Police and the Range Control office. Your information will not be used in any manner other than to allow your admittance to the installation and to contact you regarding this event. Pre-registration is required so that we can forward your information to CAJMTC in time for the event. You are also responsible for reading the below additional range information specific to Camp Atterbury. Please keep in mind that we are using a military facility and military rules and discipline are in force. Camp Atterbury is an active military installation, as such we may have our scheduled access removed as late as the day before the event. If that happens (it has not in the past) we will contact all participants to reschedule for a later date or issue a refund.

Refund Policy

Refunds will only be issued for this event due to weather or cancellation of the event by military authorities. Absolutely no refunds will be given for any other reason.

Additional Range Information

There are some things about shooting at Camp Atterbury that you should be aware of, please read the following carefully:

  1. Start time—check-in is at 7:30 AM Eastern Standard Time/Eastern Daylight Time. For those in most of Indiana, this is 7:30 AM. For those coming from the Central time zone, it’s 6:30 AM. Safety briefing is at 8:00 AM Eastern time, sharp. We will not wait to get started. The day will be long and we can’t afford to lose time here.
  2. CAJMTC firearms policy—NO FIREARMS are permitted beyond the rifle(s) you declare when you purchase your ticket to be used on the range for this event. This means concealed carry is NOT allowed. If you or your vehicle are searched, your rifle(s) submitted at the time of ticket purchase is all that will be allowed on base. If any sidearms or non-declared long arms are discovered, you will be turned away if not detained by Military Police and your event fees will not be refunded.
  3. A total of 250-300 rounds of the same ammunition will be required; i.e. all the same ammo brand, bullet type and weight.  Plan to carry 150+ rounds on you each day.
  4. The elements/weather—the known distance ranges are not sheltered in any way. If it’s sunny, you will be out in the sun. If raining, you’ll be out in the rain. Bring what’s appropriate for you and the forecasted weather. Layered clothing is best so that you can adjust to the changing temps. Events are not canceled due to the weather (exception with extreme weather only; i.e. tornado, severe storm/lightning). Do not bring portable shelter as the firing line will be moving frequently.
  5. Equipment—sling, shooting mat (if desired, but see “Additional Recommendations” below), high powered binoculars or scope, at least two magazines, a way to take notes, ear and eye protection. Please note that ear and eye protection are required.  Keep in mind that you will be walking several miles each day, and just ask yourself “is this item really worth lugging that far?”
  6. Hydration—make sure to bring enough water/Gatorade/etc. to stay hydrated. It might be cool early in the day but the wind can take it out of you as fast as the heat.
  7. Food—there will be a designated time for lunch and history. Please bring what food you need. Leaving base for lunch is not an option and we will continue without anyone who is late returning from lunch. If everyone brings food that can be eaten on the fly, all the better.
  8. Directions from the gate to the range control building—essentially, you continue through the cantonment area on the road you came in on. You will come to a stop sign across from the fire department. Range control is on your left.
  9. A $10.00 per day range fee payable cash is required at check-in from each person attending.  This is in addition to your ticket price and is collected directly by Camp Atterbury.
  10. You will be moving all your equipment between each firing point, all day. If you have a disability or require assistance to stay on your feet, let us know before signing up and we will try our utmost to work with you.

Additional Recommendations

Finally, some notes from experience:

  • It can always rain in Indiana and rain gear is light, bring it.  Rifles are not made of sugar, and they won’t melt if they get wet.
  • A shooting mat should be a mat, not a tarp. Tarps blow around, require folding, collect rain. We cannot have folks pitching a campsite every 100 yds. The U. S. Army has provided grass at each firing distance and you do not have to carry it. Leave the mat at home if you can and enjoy nature.
  • Water is your first best friend, start drinking an extra quart a day two days in advance. Bring at least two quarts each morning to the range.
  • Power bars or energy bars are your second best friend, bring several.
  • A mesh or light cloth bag for collecting brass is very helpful. Snag an old pillow case when the spouse isn’t looking.
  • You can get sunburned in the winter.  Sunscreen and chapstick are light and easy to use.  A hat with a bill rocks.
  • A clean rag is priceless when you need it.
  • Your rifle will get dirty, rained on, and scratched. Leave the safe queen at home, this event is for rifles you mean to shoot.
  • Don’t bring cheap ammo for sighters and expensive ammo for score. Yes, it has happened; no, it didn’t end well.
  • Make sure your scope or sights are tight and locktite was used. We have seen scopes fall off rifles. More than once.
  • Make your lunch light and nutritious; this is not the place for Snoballs and Diet Coke.
  • Dress as if you will be doing landscaping work all day and your spouse will not let you back in the house until dark. Toss in rain gear and you will be fine.


Bring everything you need and nothing you will not use.

Overnight Accommodations

Camp Atterbury has civilian overnight accommodations at very reasonable rates. For more information, rates and reservations, please contact Camp Atterbury Lodging.

Event Sponsor

3M Peltor has graciously provided Revere’s Riders with Peltor LiteCom Plus communications headsets for use at this event. These headsets incorporate radios allowing wearers to communicate with each other via their headsets. Extremely convenient for ranges where the target line is manned like Camp Atterbury.


Jun 1, 2019 @ 8:00 am EDT
Jun 2, 2019 @ 5:00 pm EDT
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AJ “Huff” Huffman


Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center
County Rd 800 S
Edinburg, IN 46131 United States
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Max Range:
1000+ yards
39.36029 N , -86.029856 W

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Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center

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