Revere’s Riders Instructors and Volunteers Compete at 2018 HeartBreak

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Several Revere’s Riders instructors and volunteers from Indiana and Kentucky participated in the 2018 HeartBreak held at Blue Grass Sportsmen League near Wilmore, KY. The event is a “centerfire biathlon” where competitors complete a 5K or 10K run combined with shooting competition. Participants are required to carry all their equipment during the running portion. Competitors were divided into two classes:

  • Combat—must carry at least 25% of your bodyweight in gear
  • Scout—less than 25% of your bodyweight in gear

Seven Revere’s Riders instructors and volunteers participated in the competition:

  • Chrissy Andersen—1st in Women Scout 5K
  • Rayne—2nd in Women Scout 5K
  • Nick Andersen—5th in Men Scout 5K
  • “Hop”—16th in Men Scout 5K
  • Luke Taylor—20th in Men Scout 5K
  • Kevin “Unbridled Liberty”—15th in Men Scout 10K
  • Mark Mackey—9th in Men Combat 10K

Congratulations to all!

Here’s some video from one of the shooting stages to give you an idea what the event was like (Nick Andersen competing and Rayne RSOing):

You can find more video from the event here.

Interested in competing in next year’s event? Here’s a promo video to whet your appetite: