MBM Donation of the Day: Ryan Cleckner

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Ryan Cleckner, retired member of 1st Ranger Battalion, lawyer, and sniper instructor, has generously donated three signed copies of his book Long Range Shooting Handbook to the 2021 Marty Brown Memorial™ events.

In the Rangers, Ryan was a special operations sniper and sniper team leader. His sniper training includes a stint at the Special Operations Target Interdiction Course; Ryan pursued additional training at the Primary Leadership Development Course, the French Alpine Mountaineering Course, and the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-I) school.

Long Range Shooting Handbook is a comprehensive introduction to the knowledge and equipment needed for long-range rifle marksmanship. Topics include:

  • equipment setup
  • MOA, mils, and more!
  • ballistics
  • environmental effects

This is a book that should be in the library of every rifleman.

Upcoming Marty Brown Memorial™ events:

Marty Brown Memorial Open Round #2 – One Day Pistol (Zionsville, IN)
1-day Marty Brown Memorial Open event at Gray Property near Zionsville, IN.