Pistol 145 Introduces Handgun Self-Defense Topics

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The Revere’s Riders Pistol 145 (Intro to Defensive Pistol) course is taught by John Viray, USPSA competitor and class winner at the 1998 3-Gun Nationals. John is also a United States Army veteran and certified NRA instructor. Participants are expected to already be familiar with their firearm, know how to handle their firearm in a safe manner, and keep shots within a 6″ square from approximately 7 yards. Pistol 145 focuses on building the skills necessary to safely and effectively use your handgun in a self defense situation. These skills include:

  • placing shots with “defensive accuracy”
  • clearing typical malfunctions
  • reload techniques
  • getting “off the X”
  • combining all of the above into a simple drill

John will also intersperse drills with commentary on what one can expect to happen during a “dynamic critical incident”. There are myriad considerations regarding appropriate equipment, ongoing training, physiological/psychological impacts, etc. John will bring his extensive experience in the military and as a competition shooter to his recommendations on what to do and not to do during a violent confrontation.

Pistol 145 forms the basis for Pistol 209 (Defensive Pistol) where shooting “on the move” is introduced. Below are the upcoming upper-level Revere’s Riders pistol courses:

Intro to Defensive Pistol – One Day (Seelyville, IN)
1-Day Intro to Defensive Pistol at Lost Creek Conservation Club near Seelyville, IN.
Defensive Pistol – One Day (Seelyville, IN)
1-day Defensive Pistol event at Lost Creek Conservation Club near Seelyville, IN.