MBM Donation of the Day: Mantis

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Mantis has generously donated a X10 Elite performance training system to the Marty Brown Memorial™ series of events. Mantis is a company driven by shooters and engineers. Some of them grew up shooting guns off the back porch. Some of them grew up in families where guns were banned, including sticks made to imitate them. They are all “data heads”. They wanted objective data to improve their shooting, to analyze stuff the human eye can’t see. They wanted to train their neural pathways with quantitative and qualitative information to unlock rapid improvement, consistent performance, and perfect practice. So they created MantisX.

Join us at the upcoming 7th Annual Marty Brown Memorial Invitational™ to be held at the long-distance ranges on the military side of Camp Atterbury, IN (near Edinburgh, IN and just south of Indianapolis, IN) on the weekend of Nov. 11-12, 2023. These are the same ranges used for the NRA National Matches. Dozens of other give-aways, skills contest prizes, and silent auction items will be given away/awarded at the event; a complete lists can be found on the 2023 Marty Brown Memorial Invitational Swag Bags, Give Aways, Prizes, Auctions page of the Revere’s Riders website.

The Marty Brown Memorial Invitational™ is by invitation only to those able to safely handle their rifle with minimal to no supervision as well as sufficient marksmanship skills to keep rounds on target out to 400-600 yards. Those who have “shot a score” at a Revere’s Riders rifle event are automatically given an invitation (these invitations have already gone out via email; if you didn’t receive yours, please contact Phil Brown, Marty Brown Memorial Invitational™ Event Director, at ).

If you can’t make the 7th Annual Marty Brown Memorial Invitational™, consider attending one of our other upcoming events:

Rifle 262 (Field Rifle) – Two Day (Marion, OH)
2-Day Field Rifle at Meeker Sportsman Center near Marion, OH.
Museum of the American Revolution Special Event (Audubon PA)
Special Event for Museum of the American Revolution
Rifle 125 (Basic Rifle) – Two Day (Midvale, OH)
2-day Rifle 125 (Basic Rifle) event at Tusco Rifle Club near Midvale, OH.
Carbine 1 – One Day – (Nashville, Indiana)
1-day/2-day Rifle 223 (Carbine) event at VENUE near LOCATION.
Basic Rifle – Two Day (Milan, OH)
2-day Rifle 125 (Basic Rifle) event at Erie County Conservation League near Milan, OH.