MBM Donation of the Day: Glock

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Glock has generously donated 3 gift certificates good for a selected portion of their pistols (gift certificate can also be used for all other Glock pistols with an additional charge) to the Marty Brown Memorial™ series of events. Glock has a nearly 40-year legacy of manufacturing the most popular polymer framed semi-auto pistols in the world. Glock firearms are trusted by law enforcement professionals, gun enthusiasts, and consumers alike due to their combination of safety, ease of use and maintenance, and reliability.

Join us at the upcoming 2024 Marty Brown Memorial Open™ Indiana Rifle event to be held May 4, 2024 just north of Zionsville, IN. If you can’t make that event, consider joining us for one of our other upcoming Revere’s Riders events:

Rifle 262 (Field Rifle) – Two Day (Marion, OH)
2-Day Field Rifle at Meeker Sportsman Center near Marion, OH.
Museum of the American Revolution Special Event (Audubon PA)
Special Event for Museum of the American Revolution
Rifle 125 (Basic Rifle) – Two Day (Midvale, OH)
2-day Rifle 125 (Basic Rifle) event at Tusco Rifle Club near Midvale, OH.
Carbine 1 – One Day – (Nashville, Indiana)
1-day/2-day Rifle 223 (Carbine) event at VENUE near LOCATION.
Basic Rifle – Two Day (Milan, OH)
2-day Rifle 125 (Basic Rifle) event at Erie County Conservation League near Milan, OH.