It’s Black Rifle Friday!

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We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family.  We’d like to extend some special offers as you enter this holiday season.  In addition to deals on our signature marksmanship clinics, we also have put together a shopping list of products that every marksman will love.

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13% Off Revere’s Riders Clinics
Use Code “GiveThanks2016” and get 1% off for each of the original colonies on all tickets!  Expires 29 November.



Marksman’s Shop
Shopping for a Sharpshooter?  Check out our recommended supplies!  A percentage of each sale benefits Revere’s Riders.



Storyteller’s Shop
Shopping for a history buff?  Check out our recommended books! A percentage of each sale benefits Revere’s Riders.paul-reveres-ride_by_david-hackett-fischer