AAR: Rifle/Pistol Match with NVFAC (January 29, 2017, Las Vegas, NV)

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This weekend Revere’s Riders hosted a rifle and pistol match in partnership with NVFAC.   The Nevada Firearms Coalition is dedicated to the ownership and safe use of firearms for self-defense, competition, recreation & hunting.  This event was free for NVFAC members to participate in, and they also hosted an open-range “fun shoot” day.

At this match we executed our rifle qualification test and our classic pistol qualification test.  Both are based on the WW2-vintage qualifiers with simplified scoring and scaled down targets to fit on a shorter range bay.  We also wove in a little history, discussing Daniel Morgan’s Revolutionary War riflemen and the pistol exploits of Samuel Whittemore on April 19, 1775.

All of our targets are available for sustaining members to download for practice.  We also have a number of clinics coming up to work on these skills.

While we’ve posted the total scores here and it is fun to compare skill levels, we encourage shooters to challenge themselves against the score cutoffs based on historical skill levels of marksman, sharpshooter, expert, etc.  We award patches for sharpshooters and above in keeping with historical tradition.

Rifle Match Results

(100 YD)
(200 YD)
(300 YD)
(400 YD)
Dan Painter EXPERT Any Optic 47 10 7 10 20
“Bulleteater” SHARPSHOOTER Optic <4.5 39 10 6 7 16
Richard MARKSMAN Optic <4.5 20 8 0 4 8
“Doc” MARKSMAN Optic <4.5 25 9 5 5 6

Dan took the “any optic” class using a bolt action rifle, but he is one of our experienced instructors who has a lot of practice at this course of fire.  Still it is proof that this challenge is very achievable, even running a bolt gun!  We had no other sharpshooters but Bulleteater scored Marksman.  A number of shooters were able to get new optics dialed in during the warmup period as well, and everyone saw what they were capable of achieving with their rifles under time pressure.The score cutoffs are 34 (Marksman), 42 (Sharpshooter), 45 (Expert), and 48 (Master) out of 50 possible points.

Pistol Match Results

(10 YD)
(15 YD)
(25 YD)
(10 YD “T”)
Dan Painter EXPERT 18 6 5 4 3
“Doc” SHARPSHOOTER 17 6 5 3 3
Matt MARKSMAN 14 5 3 3 3
“Bulleteater” MARKSMAN 12 5 3 2 2
Chris MARKSMAN 12 6 2 2 2
Sandy UNCLASSIFIED 10 6 2 1 1
David UNCLASSIFIED 10 5 5 0 0
Dann UNCLASSIFIED 10 5 2 3 0
Richard UNCLASSIFIED 8 5 1 2 0

The score cutoffs are 12 (Marksman), 16 (Sharpshooter), 18 (Expert), and 20 (Master) out of 20 possible points.  All shooters were in the two-handed, centerfire, iron sighted class.

Dan again took this one using a loaner Beretta 92 — great shooting with a traditional service pistol!  We were also proud to award Doc one of our “HITS COUNT” Revere’s Riders patches for achieving a sharpshooter’s score.

Free Bronze Membership

As part of this event, we gave away a free Bronze membership to a competitor drawn at random.  Each score card got a chance to win (so shooting rifle and pistol doubled your odds).  Sustaining membership allows you access to our target library, a discount on all clinics, and the ability to order items from the CMP.  “Bulleteater”– congratulations!  You’ll be getting an email with more info.


We had a fun time running this event which is the first time we’ve tried this format with NVFAC.  If you have feedback or if you took any pictures please shoot us a note at .  We forgot to take pictures so photo submissions are appreciated!   We hope to run additional matches with NVFAC in the future so hopefully these matches become a regular event!

We’d like to thank NVFAC for hosting this wonderful event on a beautiful day at Clark County Shooting Park.  In particular, Russ, the NVFAC training division director, made this event possible.  Thanks!