AAR: Pistol 100 — Basic Pistol (Nov 5, Las Vegas, NV)

by / / After Action Report (AAR)

This November we had our inaugural basic pistol event in Las Vegas, NV!  We had a sold-out line with a dozen students.  We began very deliberately by establishing a solid grip and stance with a focus on the modified isosceles.  Due to the needs of some shooters, we covered one handed shooting as well.  Next, we worked on the “ABCs” of shooting — aiming, breathing, concentration and squeezing the trigger… plus follow through!  Finally, we discussed natural point of aim.

“Very well done, instructors very patient and communicated well. Good mix of history and shooting. The various mix of targets kept things interesting.
Will definitely attend future classes.” – Student Review

With the fundamentals established, it was time to work on some additional skills.  We covered the ready position, reloads, clearing common stoppages, kneeling, and accelerated shots with a little time pressure.  At the end of the day, students had three swings at the bat for our WW2 themed pistol qualifier.  A number of students did really well, with a few sharpshooter and master scores!  Woven throughout the day was the story of the Spirit of 1776.

This was our first pistol event for the Vegas team and we had a blast teaching it and telling new history.  Special thanks to Dann and Mike G. for volunteering to come out and instruct at this event!

We’d like to leave you with some comments from one of our students:

Fantastic instructors. Great training. Huge wealth of knowledge about pretty much anything firearm related. Chris was very knowledgeable and very credible. He is a superb teacher & instructor. I’d recommend him to any new and experienced shooter. I’ve taken many classes with him and I’ve seen Chris teach great shooters how to become even better. I’ve seen my classmates who have been shooting for decades improve because Chris can point out small, basic details that make a big impact.

The comprehensive, steady paced, practical curriculum with just enough intensity to drive the point home. The format is great. Quick explanation of the drill followed by the theory behind why it is important followed by live fire practice. Chris, Dan and Mike were friendly but would push you to perform under pressure and are quick to provide constructive feedback.

They taught to the point, with a good sense of humor and taught to the level of our group, but gave personalized answers when asked. I was pleased that the course was not just about shooting technique but also discussed American history and the impact of sacrifices of our forefathers and the implications of marksmanship and the right to bear arms. Heather shared the events of 1776 and how the the brave and courageous colonists stood to the British in order to build a country based on the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. I would definitely take another course from Revere’s Riders and bring more family and friends.