Give Thanks

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This Thanksgiving holiday, please join us in reflecting on our good fortune.  Use coupon code “2017GiveThanks” for 15% off on any event as well as sustaining memberships.  The code is good through Cyber Monday.

On this date in 1776, George Washington and the Continental Army had been handed defeat after defeat by the British, ultimately driven from New York.  On November 20, the British took Fort Lee in New York, the last continental fortification of any strength keeping them from New Jersey and the road to Philidelphia.  The Americans fled hastily…  Having been forced to discard their tents, food, ammunition, stores, and even boots, the ragged Continentals shivered in the cold and left bloody footprints in the snow.   Joining them on the march was a young writer by the name of Thomas Paine, who began to scribble a few words by campfire in the evenings.  Come to an event, hear the Spirit of 1776 and learn what happens next!  We have much to be thankful for today.