Annual Report: 2017 in Review

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Dear Members and Friends of Revere’s Riders,

Thank you for your generous support of Revere’s Riders over the past year. Your generous efforts have truly furthered our vision of “Every American Choosing Liberty, Every Day.” As we spend time with friends and family over the holidays, I wanted to briefly reflect on what Revere’s Riders has accomplished over 2017 and share where we are going for 2018.

Here’s some numbers recapping 2017’s achievements:

  • Events:  47 events total (up from 43 events in 2016, and 16 in 2015)
  • States:  Events in 6 states (vs. 4 in 2016)
  • Students:  At least 435 students plus several dozen “walk-on” students instructed (vs 279 in 2016 and 84 in 2015)
  • Financials:  $28K in revenue with about $24K in expenses, which leaves a prudent $4K operating reserve, a significant percentage of which is already allocated for 1Q and 2Q 2018; the treasurer has posted the initial report here.
  • Cash on Hand:  We have maintained a prudent operating reserve of approximately $8K which provides for approximately 1-2 years of critical expenses.
  • Social Media:  949 social media followers (Revere’s Riders on Twitter, Revere’s Riders on Facebook)

At the end of 2016, we set three priorities for 2017: investing in our instructor cadre, smartly expanding into new event areas, and bringing on a new team in Pennsylvania. In 2017 we met these goals in several ways.

  • Carbine: We expanded our carbine program in partnership with NRA America’s Rifle Challenge in three states
  • Pistol: We continued growth of a safe, popular and well received basic pistol program to include instructor certification
  • Refuse to be a Victim: We certified cadre and conducted events for the public in this non-firing discipline
  • Cadre Development: We subsidized a number of cadre who chose to pursue additional instructor credentials in the shooting sports; this has already resulted in new events with a self-defense and advanced pistol focus being added to our schedule in late 2017 and early 2018. We have expanded this investment and now cover 100% of the cost of safety officer credentials for our volunteers as well as 75% for other instructor credentials.
  • New States: In addition to events in Pennsylvania, we added a carbine event in Idaho to our 2017 lineup bringing programs to a new area in the mountain West.

We are also proud of a few other key events in 2017:

  • Atterbury:  Continued shoots at the world-class facilities at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center, IN and the “five star” Clark County Shooting Complex, NV.
  • Elections:  Successful elections, to include selection of a new vice president, showing our commitment to accountability, transparency, and volunteer-driven governance in line with non-profit best practices.
  • Partnerships:  Continued use of NRA Foundation Grants to support operations and partner with the NRA to promote the shooting sports.

It is hard to quantify some of the things that we all value as volunteers the most: the joy of passing on the art of traditional marksmanship, the slow head nod from a student that understands something new about our shared history, or the importance of promoting engagement in our communities. Moreover, the chance to continually learn new skills and work alongside fine Americans in a worthy Cause is a true pleasure.

Revere’s Riders greatly appreciates traditional volunteer service with students in the field, and skilled experts passing on a legacy of marksmanship and heritage are central to our mission. However, other forms of service are also vital. Whether its fulfilling supply requests, continuously improving the new website, managing the Facebook page, updating lesson plans, or doing any other number of important tasks – THANKS!

We also recognize that many supporters have not been able to volunteer in 2017. We still appreciate your support and enthusiasm for our shared vision. Please consider getting involved in 2018 as we continue to expand in the new disciplines of carbine and pistol. Additionally, you can donate and become a sustaining member.

Your one stop shop to stay in touch is the Revere’s Riders website. Volunteer members can access “Rider’s Resources” which has been updated with many useful resources for download, as well as our forums. Sustaining members can access a number of useful materials there as well.

Again, thank you for your support this year. Together we have preserved a tradition of American marksmanship, promoted awareness of our shared history, and encouraged our fellow citizens to become involved in their communities in ways both large and small.


Christopher Seidler
President, Revere’s Riders