Check Presentation to Ovar’coming Together

by / / 2020 Marty Brown Memorial Open, After Action Report (AAR), Marty Brown Memorial, RR in the News

Yesterday, July 14th, Revere’s Riders President, Bruce Williams, and Marty Brown Memorial™ Events Director, Phil Brown, presented Robin Jackson and Bob Hunter of Ovar’coming Together a check in the amount of $4,985 representing the proceeds from the 2020 Marty Brown Memorial Open Round #1.

Revere’s Riders would like to thank all those that participated at the 2020 Marty Brown Memorial Open Round #1; without you, we would not have been able to raise such a tremendous amount of money to support Ovar’coming Together. We look forward to seeing all of you future Revere’s Riders events, hopefully with a friend or two in tow that you are introducing to the community of legal firearms owners.