1774: The Year Between Resistance and Rebellion

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Teaching American History has a short but interesting post up today that compares and contrasts the actions of Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Whittemore in the months and days leading up to April 19, 1775. Both Whittemore and Jefferson would write and speak their mind prior to the fateful day of the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Whittemore would, likely with more than a little hesitation being a veteran of the French and Indian Wars, resort to armed resistance while Jefferson would continue speaking and writing.

[Thomas] Jefferson’s weapon of choice in the war remained his eloquent and forceful pen, but aged Samuel Whittemore chose more conventional weapons. On April 19, 1775, as British regulars retreated to Boston following their skirmishes with American militia in Lexington and Concord, Whittemore shot and killed at least two British soldiers, wounding another before being surrounded. He was stabbed, shot in the face, and left for dead. Yet, he lived until February of 1793, long enough to see George Washington become President under the United States’ new Constitution.

The story of Samuel Whittemore and his bravery on April 19, 1775 is commonly told at our events. Come join us at an upcoming event and you just might hear the full story of the sacrifice that Samuel made on behalf of all Americans!