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6th Annual Marty Brown Memorial Invitational (Camp Atterbury, IN)

Nov 5, 2022 @ 8:00 amNov 6, 2022 @ 5:00 pm EDT

THIS EVENT IS BY INVITATION ONLY. If after reading the event description you would like to participate, please contact the Event Director to request an invitation.

Marty Brown Memorial Invitational Overview

The Marty Brown Memorial Invitational™ rifle match honors Marty Brown, an instructor with Revere’s Riders who lost a 40-month battle with ovarian cancer in 2017. A portion of match proceeds will be donated to Ovar’coming Together to assist in their programs to support women diagnosed with ovarian cancer as well as funding ovarian cancer research. You can read more about Marty as well as Ovar’coming Together on the Marty Brown Memorial™ page of our website.

The Marty Brown Memorial Invitational™ rifle match is an informal 3-position known distance match shot according to the Revere’s Riders Rifle Qualification Test. This is an invitational match and you must be invited to attend. Marksmen will receive an invitation by satisfying one of the following:

  • shoot a score of Marksman or better on the Revere’s Riders Rifle Qualification Test (must be in the same calendar year as the Invitational)
  • satisfy the Match Director that you are proficient and safe enough to participate

This is a competition match and no instruction will be provided.

Swag Bags, Give Aways, Skills Contest and Silent Auction

We are currently in the process of reviewing all of our donated items and selecting them for swag bags, give aways, skills contest prizes, and silent auctions portions of the event. Sign up for our email newsletter using the form in the website footer to be notified of items as we receive them.

Details can be found on the 2022 Marty Brown Memorial Invitational Swag Bags, Give Aways, Prizes, Auctions page.

Match Information and Rules

For general match information and rules, please see the Marty Brown Memorial Invitational Rifle Match Rules page.

Additional Event Information

Ticket pricing and online sales will be available shortly once we finalize a few additional event details.

Ticket price includes all range fees.

Pre-registration is Required

All participants must purchase tickets by the DEADLINE of 5:00 PM EDT on October 28, 2022.  Absolutely no registrations will be allowed after this deadline. The unique venue for this event requires that we share your name and other personal information you submit to Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center (CAJMTC), Military Police and the Range Control office. Your information will not be used in any manner other than to allow your admittance to the installation and to contact you regarding this event. Pre-registration is required so that we can forward your information to CAJMTC in time for the event. You are also responsible for reading the below additional range information specific to Camp Atterbury. Please keep in mind that we are using a military facility and military rules and discipline are in force.

Refund Policy

Event will be held RAIN or SHINE!

Camp Atterbury is an active military installation, as such we may have our scheduled access removed as late as the day before the event. Refunds will only be issued for this event due to cancellation of the event by military authorities. Absolutely no refunds will be given for any other reason.

Additional Range Information

Arrival Time

You MUST Arrive On Time

Plan to arrive NO LATER than 7:45AM. Anyone arriving later than this will not be allowed to participate in the event and your event fees will not be refunded. This is due to the need to meet at Range Control and proceed to the range as a group. We will not wait for you; plan to be early.

Base Firearms Policy

CAJMTC firearms policy—NO LOADED FIREARMS PERMITTED ON BASE. Concealed carry is NOT ALLOWED on base; you may only load a firearm while on a designated range. Before you proceed to to the base entrance and attempt to pass through security, make sure that all firearms in your vehicle and on your person (don’t forget your concealed carry sidearm) are unloaded, in a secure case and separated from your ammunition. This is generally Indiana state law (see IC 35-47-2-1). If you are refused entry to the base for any reason, your event fees will not be refunded.

Directions to Range Control

You will be required to pass through the Camp Atterbury “delivery gate” to access the military side of the base (major construction is under way at the “main gate”).

When asked, tell gate security that you are there for the Revere’s Riders event along with any other information gate security requests. IMPORTANT—do NOT attempt to go to the range on your own. There are numerous ranges at Camp Atterbury and any number of them can be “hot” at any given time. There are ranges for pistols, rifles, artillery as well as strafing (witnessing an A-10 Warthog engaging in a strafing run is awe inspiring from a distance); some of the ranges involve firing over roadways (if the range is “hot”, these should be blockaded, but better safe than sorry). Wandering onto any of these ranges while they are “hot” could lead to a VERY bad day.

Range Control can be reached by either of two routes:

  • RED highlighted route — continue south on Schoolhouse Road until you reach the four-way stop at County Line Road; turn left on County Line Road and proceed to the four-way stop at Eggleston Street; Range Control will be on the north-east corner of Eggleston and County Line Road
  • BLUE highlighted route — turn left at the first four-way stop onto Headquarters Road; proceed to the four-way stop at Eggleston Street and turn right; Range Control will be on your left just before you reach County Line Road

Overnight Accommodations

Civilian lodging is available on base for those who wish to stay overnight. Standard rooms with shared bathroom are $38/night and Deluxe rooms with private bath are $53/night. For reservations, call the Camp Atterbury Lodging Office at 812-526-1128. Let them know that you are with Revere’s Riders.

Event Sponsors


3M Peltor has graciously provided Revere’s Riders with Peltor LiteCom Plus communications headsets for use at this event. These headsets incorporate radios allowing wearers to communicate with each other via their headsets. Extremely convenient for ranges where the target line is manned like Camp Atterbury.

Event Director

Phil Brown


Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center (Edinburgh, IN)
County Rd 800 S
Edinburg, IN 46131 United States
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Max Range:
1000+ yards
39.36029 N , -86.029856 W

Range Map

Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center (Edinburgh, IN)