Suggested Gear

The products below are suggested by our volunteer instructors. Products are sold by several vendors: AmazonA&A Optics, MidwayUSA, Optics Planet and Primary Arms; Revere’s Riders may receive a percent commission on the sale of items from one or more of these vendors. You help support one of our sponsors, A&A Optics, by purchasing your Vortex Optics products from them. You can also support Revere’s Riders by using Amazon Smile.

General Safety & Range Gear

Rifle 125 (Basic Rifle) Event Supplies

Pistol 100 (Basic Pistol) Event Supplies

Rifle 223 (Carbine) Event Supplies

Pistol 145 (Intro to Defensive Pistol) Event Supplies

Rifle 262 (Field Rifle) Event Supplies