New Event: Historic Military Surplus Rifles

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Those that have attended a Revere’s Riders event will know we ask every participant to fill out an online post-event survey. The survey submissions don’t go into a black hole, never to be seen again; we actually look at them and tailor our future programs and events according to the survey responses. “Offerings in new disciplines” is one of the more popular responses to the “What would make you or your friends & family more likely to attend an event?” survey question.

Our new D-Day Anniversary: Historic Military Surplus Rifles event on June 8th is just one of the results of that request. We will be presenting a short history of 14 military surplus rifles from the WWI and WWII periods:

After the history presentation, each participant will have the chance to fire each rifle on the shooting range (5-8 rounds of ammunition for each rifle are included in the event price; additional ammunition will be available on site).

This is a fantastic opportunity for fans of classic military surplus rifles to learn about the history of each individual rifle and also “put rounds downrange” with each rifle. This represents well over $10,000 worth of historic military surplus rifles, all at a single event. The cost of the included ammunition alone is $50/rifle.

Best of all, you get to spend a day at the range learning about historic military surplus rifles on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day!