Revere’s Riders Rifle 223 Compared Favorably to Larry Vickers 2-day Advanced Carbine

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Two previous students of our Rifle 223 course happened to also attend the Vickers Tactical 2-Day Advanced Carbine clinic held in Lebanon, IN in June. One student posted a favorable comparison between our course and the Vickers course on the INGO discussion forum:

Had a great time shooting with you all. Impressed with the professionalism of LAV and the practicality of […] the training. Everything was done with a purpose and reason based on his (vast) experience. The cruddy weather on Saturday made it even better.

I will also add, this course gave me an even greater appreciation for the Revere’s Riders carbine course and what Nigel and crew were able to accomplish under (IMO) more challenging conditions.


to which a second student (ditcherman) gave a “+1”. While the Vickers Tactical course is likely more “combat oriented” (for obvious reasons) than our Rifle 223 course, this is still high praise for the quality of training that Revere’s Riders provides.

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