Dr. Joseph Warren, 1741 – 1775 Dr. Joseph Warren is one of those patriots who we barely remember, if his name is even mentioned outside history circles. It’s a shame really. Joseph Warren was born to your average middle class farming family in Massachusetts. Unlike Samuel Whittemore, Joseph Warren was raised fully in the light
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Let’s talk about some less remembered players over the next few weeks and see if we can find their motivations for risking ‘Life, Fortunes, and their Sacred Honor.’ That was where I left you last week. Less remembered players, patriots, of whom we have many. Why they are not better I remembered do not understand,
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Have you watched the TV miniseries John Adams? While it suffers from some inaccuracies of time-line, and scholars will forever argue over personality portrayals, I liked it. It was very well acted and wonderfully set. There is a scene in the last episode where John Adams is shown John Trumbull’s painting of the signing of
War is not a life: it is a situation, one which may neither be ignored nor accepted. —T.S. Elliot How did our revolution of minds and hearts become a revolution of muskets and bayonets? Were we wanting of it? Many would say the American Revolution was a calculated affair, a carefully orchestrated dance of politics
And what of the threat, what of Gage’s order to enforce the Coercive Acts, by any means necessary? That is the question I left you with last week. It would be so easy to just start telling the history of Lexington and Concord at this point, to drive on with the story. As good as
A revolution? What is that, precisely? We hear about the revolution all the time, but what we are really hearing about is the Revolutionary War. The shooting part. That is what is in the history books and the lessons we learned in school. The men and women of the time thought of the Revolutionary War and the
Welcome back! Before I go any further I would like to clear something up. It eats at me that we are constantly told we live in a democracy. We do not. The United States of America is a republic. Now a serious student of political science could expound on our form of government until we all
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This is the first in an occasional series of articles by Mr. Dave Goodrich, one of the Directors on our Board. Welcome to Revere’s Riders. If this is your first time here you are probably wondering who we are, if not, you may still find my ramblings interesting if not informative. So who are Revere’s Riders? We