New Gun Owner Resources

With the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought, many Americans have, for the first time, availed themselves of their Second Amendment right to “keep and bear” a firearm for personal protection. Perhaps you are one of these new gun owners. If so, Revere’s Riders welcomes you to the ranks of firearms owners and also invites you

Welcome to Our New Server!

If you are reading this post, the Revere’s Riders website has been served to you via our new server hosted by KnownHost. Our new hosting platform should result in a faster and more reliable website. If you notice any issues, please notify the webmaster.

Website: New Photo Galleries

Several new photo galleries have been added to the website: Rifle 125 (Sept. 21, 2019 [Audubon, PA]) Rifle 125 (December, 2015 [Nashville, IN]) Rifle 125 (March/April, 2016 [Nampa, ID]) Rifle 125 (April, 2016 [Crawfordsville, IN]) Rifle 125 (April, 2016 [Las Vegas, NV]) Rifle 125 (April 22-23, 2017 [Bedford, IN]) Enjoy the photos!
Four photo galleries have been added to the website: D-Day Anniversary: Historic Military Surplus (June 8, 2019, Seelyville, IN) 2nd Annual Marty Brown Memorial Rifle Invitational (Nov 3-4, 2018, Camp Atterbury, IN) Pistol 145 (March 16, 2019, Terre Haute, IN) Whittemore Weekend (July 14-15, 2018, Richmond, IN)

Website: Event Photo Gallery

We have now moved our photo/video galleries to the Revere’s Riders website itself. This should be a more convenient option as opposed to leaving the Revere’s Riders website and will give us complete control over the galleries themselves as well. You will find a link to the gallery page in the “Events” section of the
As many of you may have heard, YouTube will shortly be implementing more strict policies regarding firearms-related content on their platform. While it is our belief that the Revere’s Riders content on YouTube falls well within these guidelines, we have mirrored our video content to Vimeo should YouTube decide we are not welcome on their
For 2018, we have rolled out a new feature for our website: recording of qualification scores! Most of our event participants strive to “shoot a score” on the qualifying tests run at our events. Henceforth, we will be recording all qualification scores on the website; they will be accessible to you as a record of