Inaugural Marty Brown Memorial Open Photos

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Photos from the Inaugural Marty Brown Memorial Open have been posted to the Gallery section of the Revere’s Riders website. Due to the sheer number of photos, they have been divided into two separate galleries:

Look for more photos posted to social media using the #MBMO2019 hashtag:

We will post a complete “after action report” (AAR) on the Inaugural Marty Brown Memorial Open in the coming days. Included with the AAR will be a report on how much money was raised for Ovar’coming Together to help support their programs for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Finally, start preparing now for the 3rd Annual Marty Brown Memorial Invitational to be held at Camp Atterbury over the weekend of Nov. 2-3, 2019. As the event name implies, to participate you will need an invitation from the event director, Phil Brown. To get an invitation, you will need to convince Phil that you are safe as well as competent with a rifle (i.e., able to shoot a group of 4 MOA or less on a consistent basis with only a loop sling for support).

If you have taken our Rifle 125 course, shot a score of Marksman or better and have a good grasp of hold-overs for your rifle out to 400 yards, then you should be adequately prepared to participate in the 3rd Annual Marty Brown Memorial Invitational. If you feel you need more practice, then we would highly encourage you to participate in the following upcoming Rifle 125 event:

There are no upcoming events.


If you think the Marty Brown Memorial Open looks like it was fun (it was!), wait until you experience shooting out to 400 yards on the same range used by the US Army for rifle qualification as well as the NRA for the National High Power Rifle Championships. You will be on the secured side of Camp Atterbury (you will pass through base security to get to the range) along with active-duty military personnel. During past events at Camp Atterbury, it is not unusual for adjacent ranges to be used for training with full-auto machine guns, mortar practice, artillery practice and even A-10 strafing runs!

You do NOT want to miss the 3rd Annual Marty Brown Memorial Invitational!